Our Industry Explained

Nobody knows what we do as title professionals. It’s important to explain in networking settings and it’s necessary for transparency. Plus, it’s fun to talk about since we’re not a bland and typical segment of the insurance industry!

The American Land Title Association has provided a short and straight to the point PDF in “question and answer” format that helps us explain our industry for networking events and at the closing table here: Our Industry Explained

AmeriTitle has provided this information for the purpose of familiarizing our clients with our industry. All publications of the American Land Title Association are copyrighted and are reference herein by specific permission from the American Land Title Association (ALTA). http://www.alta.org/

Employee Spotlight – Tonya Reeves

Tonya Reeves, Escrow Officer – Eagle, ID

Tonya Reeves is a Senior Escrow Officer at Alliance’s Eagle, Idaho office and has been with the company since 2011. She handles a wide array of responsibilities from operations to closing real estate transactions. Her robust skillset and passion for interacting with clients are a huge benefit to the team and community.

Of Alliance’s Core Values, Tonya says her favorite is Teamwork. She says, “Without it, this job wouldn’t be possible.” Her favorite aspect of what she does is meeting and working clients and customers.

When asked who she admires the most, Tonya says her mother. “She was the most giving, strong and independent woman I’ve ever known.”

Tonya’s favorite quote is from Bob Marley: “Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth suffering for.” She explains, “I absolutely love this quote because it rings so true.”

Outside of work, Tonya likes spending time both inside and outdoors. She can be found in the gym as well as outside camping and mountain biking.

If you need help closing your next transaction connect with your local Alliance Title representative!

Jack Frost Is On His Way

The days are growing shorter and undoubtedly colder, so you know an inevitable guest will be making a visit soon: Jack Frost.

Here are some recommendations to help you cope with this yearly visitor that also may help you save some money…

Checklists are easy, organized and strangely satisfying when you successfully check items off. Take a look at this checklist on how to winterize your home.

Stay warm and comfortable around the house with these 17 simple ideas to keep your home warm without blasting the heat.

Speaking of staying warm, making sure your home is efficient will also help you save a few dollars. Ask your local utility companies if they provide discounted or free home efficiency audits like this one from Idaho Power: Savings For Your Home

Going somewhere? Make sure your vehicle is safe and ready to venture in the frozen wilds by checking out how you can winterize your car.

The teams here at Alliance wish you a warm and peaceful holiday season!

Planning & Prospecting for the New Year


Keeping your business organized is critical to your success. Maintain a calendar with daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Labeling physical and digital folders helps save time because you know where you can easily find documents, lists and other important files. Some folder name ideas are: Admin, Buyers, Sellers, Clients/Lists, Marketing, Transactions.


Be specific, realistic and include either a number or percentage when setting goals. Being able to track how close you are to achieving your goal helps motivate and even finding more creative ways to reach it.


Generating new leads is crucial if you want your business to grow. Becoming visible, open and standing out by branding yourself is important to remain competitive. Create a mobile-friendly website that speaks to your personality, professionalism and expertise. Leveraging social media platforms to can help brand yourself further and digital ads can be targeted, measurable, actionable and affordable.


Get involved in the community that you want leads from by participating in worthwhile causes and projects. Not only are you helping make the world a better place, but it gets your name out there and you never know who
you’ll meet.


You have expertise and knowledge that most home buyers and sellers don’t. Hosting and teaching real estate information sessions, even with a lender, in your community can increase your prospects. It also allows you to build and reinforce your brand.


The initial timing may not have been right for a certain lead, so following up with something small like a thank you card or calling is important and can be worth your while.

Team up with your local Alliance Title representative to see how else we can help
you plan for success in the new year.

Did you know that 95% of our customers would recommend Alliance Title & Escrow to a friend, colleague or real estate industry professional?

Here is what else our customers are saying…

Excellent experience, especially for a novice property seller. – Dolores J.

I was extremely pleased with the experience of closing with your company. The representatives of your company were friendly, professional, and had excellent knowledge of what they were doing. I felt confident that they had everything in hand. What is potentially a financially traumatic experience was comfortable and easily done. Thank you for your assistance with our home refinance! – Michael & Katherine C.

Jennifer Schernecker was awesome. Very professional and cheerful! Something you don’t see every day. – Greg & Patty N.

Hot and cold drinks were provided along with good cookies! It was nice to have toys in the closing room for our two-year-old to play with while we signed papers. – Adam K.

The purchase went without a hitch. Alliance Title & Escrow Corp. made the experience very smooth and pleasurable for me. – Bonifacio D.

This was my first time buying a house and I couldn’t have asked for or had a more relaxed, comfortable, and friendly experience. – Sarah R.

The whole transaction, from start to finish, was great. – Clement P.

Thank you for helping to make my dream a reality! – Mary L.

Lynnette Miller could not have provided better service! – Kevin & Camilla M.

*Based on customer satisfaction survey responses.

Our Menu of Services

At Alliance Title, we take great pride in the opportunity to be part of one of the most important decisions people make in a lifetime.

Our Menu of Services showcases how we can help make your next transaction easier for you and less stressful for your clients

Mobile Toolbox

Utilize the tools you rely on, anytime, anywhere — from your mobile device.

  • Agent Intel (where available)
  • Net Sheet Calculator
  • Closing Cost Calculator
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Plat Map and CC&R Search
  • Locations
  • HOA Search

Online Toolbox

24/7 secure web access to the information and tools you need.

  • Place An Order
  • Transaction Management
  • Net Sheet
  • Property Profiles (mobile app available)
  • Plat Map and CC&R Search
  • Homeowners Association Info
  • Foreclosure Listing Report
  • Acreage Calculator
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Alliance Doc Store
  • Angel Intel (where available)
  • Marketing Resource Center
  • Closing Cost Calculator

Education Offerings

For CE credits and short educational sessions, we have the knowledge.

  • Continuing Education Courses
  • 10-Minute Topics

Paperless Solutions

Your closing documents, your way!

  • CD
  • Secure Email
  • USB Flash Drive

Marketing Resources

From prospecting needs to proximity searches, we offer reports and resources to help you grow your business.

  • Property Information
  • Prospecting Lists
  • For Sale By Owner
  • Foreclosure Reports

Centralized Services

Single-source solutions for your transaction needs.

  • Centralized Title Plant
  • Central Order Processing
  • Default Services
  • Reconveyance Services
  • Long Term Escrow Services

Regional Coverage

When your real estate needs encompass more than one county, we cover the territory.

  • Regional Escrow Services

Our Client Resource Guide for even more information such as:

  • Farm Reporting and Prospecting Lists
  • Title Insurance is Not “Just Another Fee”
  • What is Escrow?
  • The Life of Your Title and Escrow Transaction
  • TRID Grid
  • Tips for a Smooth Transaction
  • Settlement Guide (Who pays for what?)
  • Understanding Tax Prorations for Idaho
  • Understanding Tax Prorations for Washington
  • Locations and Footprint

It takes a highly skilled team to create a smooth closing. Contact your local Alliance Title office to learn more about how our services can help make your next transaction a breeze.

Employee Spotlight – Teri Hays

Teri Hays, Escrow Officer – Nampa, ID

Teri Hays is a Senior Escrow Officer III at Alliance’s Nampa, Idaho office. She joined the team in 2010 and has been in the escrow industry for 14 ½ years. Her primary duties include working with and educating realtors, lenders, buyers and sellers to close real estate transactions.

Of the Alliance Core Values, Teri’s favorite is “Service.” She explains, “I love going above and beyond for the clients. I especially love making the closing room a fun, less scary place for the buyers and sellers. I want the buyers and sellers to know exactly what they are paying for through closing and what exactly they need to do after closing.”

When asked whom she admires the most, Teri admires her mother. Despite her mom’s difficult upbringing as a teenager, her mother actively sought change, made things happen and supported herself by the age of 15. “Instead of staying in that situation, she educated herself while being a young wife and mother of 3 small children,” recounts Teri. “She had various jobs that eventually led her to managing a branch, mortgage department and becoming a loan officer.” Her mom also believed that when Terri needed a career change, she would make a great escrow officer and “I’ve enjoyed this job ever since.”

Teri’s favorite saying is “Get up, brush yourself off and get on with life.”

Away from the office, Teri likes to spend time with her husband Allen and with her kids, grandkids and playing with her Border Collie named Sky. She enjoys camping, building rustic furniture out of barn wood and going on roadtrips to see her grandchildren whenever they can.

If you need help closing your next transaction connect with your local Alliance Title representative!

Meet Our Rexburg, Idaho Branch

Surrounded by scenic volcanoes and located just north of the Snake River, Rexburg, Idaho, exudes a peaceful and family-centric demeanor. The city’s history, hospitality, outdoor opportunities and events throughout the year make it a great place to visit.

The Alliance Rexburg team knows how lucky they are to be part of such a great community. Branch Manager Alison Banta says, “As an office, we love our customers and the personal relationships we have with them! We know they have come to trust us and we appreciate the loyalty they have for Alliance Title.”

Back row: Heather Erickson, Dan Hanna, Andy Beesley, Danna Weekes, Rachel Fippinger, Karly Moore, Janel Young, Corrinna Schenpf, Jennifer Schernecker
Front Row: Vicky Hanson, Manuela McVvey, Alison Banta

From the Upper Valley Association of Realtors and Rexburg Chamber of Commerce to Relay for Life and Habitat for Humanity, the Rexburg team takes an active part in the community throughout the year. The Family Crisis Center also benefits from Alliance Title’s ‘Closing The Hunger Gap’ food drive initiative.

With about 160 years of combined talent and experience, the Rexburg office truly believes that their teamwork and dedication makes them stand out from the competition. Each member of the Rexburg team takes time to be thorough and goes above and beyond to support not only their customers, but each other.

Rexburg as a city hosts an abundance of activities all year for everyone to participate in. The Festival of Lights holiday celebration showcases music and seasonal festivities while the Rexburg Tabernacle Civic Center and Romance Theater, located in The Venues, offer events, historical exhibits and artifacts that illustrate Rexburg’s culture and history. Competitors from all over test their athleticism at many of the Rexburg Races such as the Teton Dam Marathon and Thor’s Mudrun.

The mountains and rivers make Rexburg an ideal place for outdoor recreation as well. Hiking some of the volcanoes, also known as the Menan Buttes, is a popular pastime in addition to fishing and camping along the Teton River. There are also several parks for residents to take advantage of.

Rexburg provides an adventurous, warm and serene setting for all to appreciate and the Alliance Title Rexburg team is always looking forward to an opportunity to give back to their neighbors.

The Rexburg, Idaho branch welcomes the opportunity to provide title and escrow services for your next real estate transaction!

Phone: 208-356-9323

Fax: 208-356-9325

Email: rexburg@alliancetitle.com

Address: 130 E Main St., Rexburg, ID 83440

Employee Spotlight – Mirt Baldazo & Erin Holmes

Mirt Baldazo & Erin Holmes, Treasure Valley Funding Team – Boise, ID

Treasure Valley Funding team members, Mirt Baldazo and Erin Holmes, at Alliance Title’s Parkcenter office in Boise, Idaho are who escrow professionals aspire to be. They handle funds disbursement for all transactions in Ada County, which includes double checking payoffs and ensuring all payees have correct information so that all parties get paid in a timely manner. In other words, accuracy and timeliness are paramount to getting the job done right.

Regarding what she likes most about what she does, Erin says, “I enjoy being part of the final step in a successful transaction. Disbursements make everyone happy.”

Erin has been in the escrow industry since 2004, joining the Alliance team in 2012, and Mirt has been in escrow since 1998, joining Alliance in 2010. With a combined 32 years of industry expertise, they’re able to confidently maneuver the normal nuances and any rough waters that a transaction can present.

“Teamwork” is both Mirt and Erin’s favorite Alliance Core Value. Erin explains why: “When each department works together as a team, the whole closing process goes smoothly, which creates an outstanding experience for our customers.”

Mirt adds that being part of an awesome team is what she enjoys most about her role. “My co-workers are the best. They believe in teamwork, trust and respect. Erin and I are a great team and try to exceed in providing great service to our customers and escrow teams.”

Robin Aberasturi, Mirt’s boss, is who she admires the most. “She is a walking title and escrow manual.” Mirt says that Robin is always helpful and always inspires her team to set and achieve higher goals.

“Enjoy every moment, as tomorrow is never promised.” is Mirt’s favorite quote because “as we get older, we sometimes face challenges. Life is precious and sometimes short, but with family and friends anything is possible.”

Oprah Winfrey’s quote “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up with more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough.” is Erin’s favorite.

Outside of work, Erin likes traveling with her husband, Ron, and good friends. She also enjoys cooking, planting flowers and watching football. Mirt also enjoys spending time with family and her girlfriends at family get-togethers, road trips, concerts and barbecues.

If you need help closing your next transaction connect with your local Alliance Title representative!

10 Steps To Buy Your Home With Confidence

There’s a lot of pressure put on you when buying a home, especially when you find out everything that the real estate purchase process involves. The good news is buying a home doesn’t have to be so intense.

Here are 10 steps from ALTA (American Land Title Association) that can help you buy a home with confidence:

  1. Determine your budget and select your real estate agent
  2. Select your lender
  3. Find your home
  4. Secure your offer
  5. Select your title insurance company and closing agent
  6. Get title insurance
  7. Review closing documents
  8. Sign closing documents and transfer funds
  9. Buy with confidence
  10. Receive your owner’s title insurance policy

For more information, get in touch with your local Alliance representative or visit homeclosing101.org.