Social Distancing Through the Life of Your Transaction

The world is a tad bit different right now – completing your real estate transaction is no different. Our tools below are easily accessible from the comfort of your home – keeping you safe during sheltering-in-place.
Check them out below:

  • Use our “Get a Quote” widget or our Net Sheets for fee quotes.
  • Utilize our cloud-based service, EMTransfer, to securely document, collect, and disburse earnest money electronically.
  • Use CertiID to secure your wire transfer!
  • After you’ve completed your transaction, create thank you cards or “just sold” postcards from our online Marketing Resource Center.

Alliance Title has the tools you need from the safety of your own home. Reach out to your local branch by phone or email!

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Employee Spotlight – Andy Hansen

Give a round of applause for our newest employee spotlight, Andy Hansen!

Andy Hansen is an Escrow Assistant for our Alliance Title Rexburg, Idaho branch. Andy works with the escrow team to provide the best service possible for their customers. Having been with Alliance Title for the past four years, Andy is a wonderful assistant to have on our team.  Andy loves the work atmosphere, helping clients with their real estate needs, and of course, working with the amazing Rexburg team.

Of the Alliance Core Values, “Teamwork,” is Andy’s favorite. She explains, “This job requires a team approach to be able to get the most productive and best outcome. Learning from others and with others is a great benefit to all.”

Outside of the office, Andy enjoys spending time with her family. When asked whom she admires, Andy thinks of her daughter, Jaycee. She continues, “She has been a shining light to me and the rest of my family no matter what the situation. She is determined, a hard worker, and extremely kind. She always lends a hug or a helping hand.”

Andy’s favorite quote, “In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you,” is a mantra she tries to live her life by.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Andy a little more, stop by Alliance Title’s Rexburg, Idaho office and write them in on your next transaction! Andy looks forward to helping make your home closing a simple and smooth experience.

Andy Hansen – Escrow Assistant or Alliance Title’s Rexburg Branch
130 E Main St, 83440

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CertifID – Wire Fraud Prevention

Alliance Title doesn’t want you to be a victim of wire fraud! To help protect you and your assets, we’ve partnered with CertifID – nation’s leading wire fraud prevention solution, to implement an additional level of security to your transactions.

HOW IT WORKS: CertifID is designed for transaction participants to securely send and confirm wiring instructions. By validating the identity of the parties in real time, CertifID’s process allows for us to confidently proceed in providing accurate wire instructions. This process helps protect you and your clients by insuring that closing funds are safely transferred and received.

Every transaction utilizing CertifID is backed by a $1,000,000 guarantee, at no cost to you or your clients.  With over $1.5 billion lost in the United States due to wire fraud in 2019 alone, CertifID is the ultimate solution to help combat this growing concern.

We encourage you to take a look at how we are integrating CertifID into our transaction process by viewing the attached flyer.

Additionally, more information can be found on CertifID’s website, including a quick and informative video that walks through the entire process. 

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Swiping Left or Right: The Digital Age of Getting to Know a Neighborhood

Part of buying a new home means moving into a new neighborhood – and while it’s incredibly important for you to love your home, you should also love the location.

But how can you do that with COVID-19 causing shelter-in-place?

Try Google Maps

Google maps usually has every street mapped out through street view! Take a stroll around the neighborhood and see what businesses, parks, and restaurants might be surrounding the area! This is a great way to gather the neighborhood feel and look while being safe on your couch.

Search through Social Media

Sometimes a neighborhood or a complex has a newsletter or a social media community page. Scope out what they are highlighting and sharing. If you’re able to find a social media page that highlights the town that can give you a great idea on the overall feel of where you might be moving.

Gather Data

City-Data provides profiles on cities and areas – things like average weather, average home prices, crime rates, and reviews on local restaurants, coffee shops, etc.

Check out School Districts

If you’re moving with your family, be sure to take a look at what the school districts look like and whether or not the education matches what you’d like your family to have.

Talk with a Real Estate Agent

Nobody knows better than your real estate agent – they’ll have the ins and outs and the scoop on the feel and overall look of the neighborhood you’re interested in. Give them a call and ask them about possible HOAs, walking distances to parks, etc.

Even though house hunting is a tad different during COVID-19, it doesn’t mean you still can’t find the home of your dreams.

Check out Alliance Title’s Blog for more tips and news.

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Virtual Technology Preferences in the Midst of COVID-19

While it may seem as though the world is at a standstill, real estate keeps on ticking.

COVID-19 has changed much on how agents, buyers, and sellers conduct real estate business – but like other businesses, the real estate market has learned to adapt.

Listing data, well-done photos, and virtual and live-video tours are now a major focal point of how buyers and sellers can buy or sell a home.

According to a recent survey from® and Toluna insights, 21% of respondents say that COVID-9 has made them more likely to move into a home sight unseen in the future.

How are buyers and sellers willing to adapt? Below are the technology feature preferences that clients believe are most helpful when deciding to purchase a home with social distancing guidelines in place:

  • Virtual Tour of the home – 61%
  • Accurate and detailed listing information – 58%
  • Accurate and detailed neighborhood information – 53%
  • High-quality listing photos – 51%
  • Agents showing the property through video chat – 39%

While this may seem like an unpredictable time, it looks like the real estate world is adapting and keeping it business as usual – with social distancing in mind.

For more real estate news and tips, check out Alliance Title’s Blog here.

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Real Estate Tip of the Week: Virtual Meetings with Clients

With the new normal meaning sweatpants at home and working at the kitchen table, it’s time to prep for how you can help clients achieve their real estate dreams virtually.

How does that look? Take a moment to check out our tips below:

Prep the Materials

Before you host your virtual meeting, be sure to email a set of materials to help them prepare. Alliance Title has a Client-Resource Guide and a Buyer-Seller Guide that you can easily email!

Clean Your Desktop

It might be a good idea to declutter the (possible) mess you might have on your desktop. Sometimes you have to share your screen with your client, and you don’t want them thinking your disorganized and messy, do you?

Pick Your Platform

Will you be using Skype? Google Hangouts? Facebook Messenger? Be sure you understand the platform you’re using and how to share the screen when need be. This article lists a lot of great screen-sharing software!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Practice your presentation – whether you’re using PowerPoint, Google Docs, or just talking freely with your clients. Have a goal and a script in mind on how you’d like the meeting to go.

With sheltering-in-place being the current “new norm”, it’s important that you adapt and still fulfil the needs of buyers and sellers.

Alliance Title is here to help you every step of the way! Check out our blog here for more ideas.

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Meet Our CW Moore Boise, ID Branch

Located in downtown Boise, Idaho, you’ll find our Commercial and Residential Services team! Our Alliance Title branch has been a tenant of the CW Moore Plaza Building since 1998.

With a penthouse and patio terrace that hosts events throughout the year, and a rooftop café open for daily dining, the plaza is definitely a destination building to visit in downtown Boise.

Boise is the county seat of Ada County and is the capital and most populous city of Idaho. The Boise-Nampa area is also known as the Treasure Valley, which includes five counties.

Thriving with an entertaining city life, Boise is home to many restaurants and bars, and even has a pedestrian zone on 8th street. Boise also has a vibrant Basque culture – with a Basque Block that contains food, nightlife, and festivals during the summer to celebrate one of the largest Basque communities in the United States.

Our downtown CW Moore Alliance office is only a 10-minute walk from the Idaho State Capitol Building – and it’s here where you’ll find our amazing team!

Vice President and Branch Manager, Nick Schug, explains what he believes makes his team stand out from the competition: “The staff’s expertise from years of experience and willingness to go the extra mile to help our customers is what sets us apart. Our group possesses a strong integrity and a solid work ethic.” And with a total combined work experience of 106 years between nine employees, the CW Moore Alliance Team is sure to lead you to success!

The CW Moore team loves their customers – Nick Schug continues, “We love that our relationships with our customers go so much deeper than business. Our customers come from a great diversity of professional backgrounds, and we enjoy working with and learning about them.”

The downtown Boise office is always looking for ways to be active within the community. They’ve participated in Closing the Hunger Gap (a yearly companywide food-drive), Light the Night Walk Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Parade of Homes.

Outside of work, the team has a variety of hobbies and passions. From piloting, to snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, gardening, scrapbooking, golfing, and playing music – this team is always ready for an adventure!

As far as any noteworthy news that the team wants to share, Nick Schug explains, “We’ve adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic and have remained safely open and upbeat as we deal with this unprecedented situation.”

Whether you’re buying or selling commercial or residential property in Ada County, the professionals at Alliance Title’s Downtown Boise office in the CW Moore Plaza are delighted to help make your next transaction a success!

Alliance Title Downtown CW Moore Branch
250 S 5th St STE 100, 83702

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Employee Spotlight – Deb Drake

We have a new employee spotlight! Please give a round of applause to our Escrow Assistant, Deb Drake!

Deb Drake works for our Alliance Title Twin Falls, Idaho branch. Having been with Alliance Title for 10 years, Deb loves the challenge and the uniqueness of each transaction, as well as helping clients reach their real estate goals.

Of the Alliance Core Values, “Service” is Deb’s favorite. Deb explains, “I believe that service to our customers is our most important core value. Without customers, we have nothing.”

Outside of the office, Deb loves to spend time with her children and grandchildren – particularly, they love to spend time camping and being in the great outdoors!

When asked whom she admires, Deb makes no hesitation thinking of her mother. Deb continues, “I admire my mother the most out of anyone on the planet. She is always upbeat and positive and has only good things to say about everyone. She is fiercely loyal to her family and is always there for anyone in need. She is my hero!”

Deb’s favorite quote, “Never feel defeated, as tomorrow is a new day” is something she tries to stick to.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Deb a little more, stop by Alliance Title’s Twin Falls office and write them in on your next transaction! Deb looks forward to helping make your home closing a simple and smooth experience.

Deb Drake – Escrow Assistant for Alliance Title’s Twin Falls Branch
1411 Falls Ave. E, Ste. 1315

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Creating a Home Office Space

Most employers are fortunate enough to allow their employees to work from home – so what does this look like for most of America?

A recent survey from Houzz found that 55% of homeowners have a home office. A quarter of respondents work from their kitchen table and 11% work from their sofa.

If you’re one of the lucky ones to work from home, you now need to create a quiet space to work, secure a strong internet connection (if you haven’t already), and make sure you’re staying healthy on top of it.

Here are some easy tips you can help follow if you’re working from home:

Pick Your Spot

If you don’t have a home office, think of your next best solution to set up your work-from-home space. Extra bedroom with folding table, kitchen table, nook, or counter. Are you able to work near family, or do you need a quieter space?

Create the Work Mood

Avoid eyestrain by angling your computer screen away from sunlight or light fixtures. Use multiple light sources, like an overhead light, desktop light, or natural light.

Consider Your Posture

Making sure you’re comfortable is a major reason to keep up with productivity. Use the right chair, mouse, mouse pad, etc. If you can, try and periodically stand while working – maybe by setting your laptop on a counter.

Be sure you’re also taking the breaks you need during the day: stretch, stand up, walk around your home and / or backyard, and take your lunch.

Want more real estate tips and advice? Stop by Alliance Title’s Blog here.

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