Closing the Hunger Gap 2019

Let the donations begin! Alliance Title’s 25 locations in Idaho, Montana, and Washington strive to make your closing process smooth and easy. Each branch is staffed with friendly and experienced professionals who pride themselves on providing you with a personalized transaction and doing their part to support the local community.

This October, Alliance Title is hosting the 8th annual ‘Closing the Hunger Gap’ food drive campaign and partnering with local food banks to collect nonperishable food and monetary donations to help end hunger in the communities we serve.

With our convenient locations, you’re never too far from exceptional service or a donation site!

Vote for your favorite canstructures here! Vote once a day throughout the month of October!

Check out the impact we’ve made through our Closing the Hunger Gap history page.

Contact us for your next transaction and stop by any Alliance Title location to donate food items or make a monetary donation to help us end hunger!

2018 Closing the Hunger Gap Treasure Valley Check Presentation to the Idaho Foodbank

Keep Learning. Keep Growing.

Just because you’re out of school, doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. Alliance Title recognizes that continued education means improving your confidence and building a better business.

Not only do we offer various guides, but we also provide continuing education courses throughout the year.

Buyer-Seller Guide

Buyer Checklist

Client Resource Guide

CE Courses certified through the Idaho Real Estate Commission

Connect with your local Alliance Title rep to continue your education!

Get to Know Your Buyers and Sellers

The real estate industry is all about networking to acquire more leads and close on more homes – it’s essential to understand how your audience moves through the journey of purchasing or selling a home.

Reach out to your local Business Development Representative to connect with your community!

On average, buyers search on their own for a new home for three weeks before contacting a real estate agent

On real estate websites, the “About Us” page is the third most-viewed page

Around 92% of homes in the U.S. are sold using a real estate agent or broker

Boost Your Brand with Reviews

As a real estate agent, you understand that your job isn’t over when your client closes on their dream home. For the real estate industry, reviews are a great way to separate yourself from the pack; and with 93% of consumers saying online reviews influence their purchasing decisions* – reviews should be another part of your business strategy.

Complete Profiles

Other than already having a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram account, you need to have a full and complete profile with popular real estate sites like: Zillow, Yelp, and

Send an Email

Send a follow-up email two or three days after the closing and include a hyperlink of the places where they can easily leave a review.

Display Comments

When you do receive reviews, find a creative way to highlight them on your website. Clients will be more inclined to write feedback if they see your appreciation towards those who have already submitted.

Reach out to your local Alliance Title Business Representative for tips to grow your business!


Modernizing Real Estate

As an agent, you’re always on the go. Alliance Title recognizes the need for fast, efficient, and reliable service – that’s why we team up with the hottest technology to promptly aid in your transactions! Going paperless has never been this easy.

This powerful tool modernizes the industry. Sign and deliver documents electronically.

Securely document, collect, and disburse earnest money 100% electronically.

Secured Email
With our internal security measures, financial and personal information receives the highest level of protection.

Connect with your local Alliance Title Representative to learn more about our streamlined technology!

*Available throughout Idaho

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Turn Housing Affordability Problems into Solutions

With median-priced homes becoming too costly for the average income earner in 71% of U.S. counties*, first-time homebuyers might be feeling the financial pinch. As a real estate agent, it’s crucial to know how to help your client during tight times.

Mortgage Calculators

Alliance Title’s mortgage calculator can help get the ball rolling with what your client can afford. Research and explore for homes that fit within their boundaries.

Partner with Lenders

Become familiar with financing options available to your client. Lending partners can work to find the right loan for your borrower – and can drastically improve their chances for a successful purchase.

Counseling on Features

Narrow down your client’s choices and guide them through factors of location, neighborhood, and even school systems. Reach out to your local Alliance Title Representative for more ways to tackle housing affordability!

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Understanding Buying Power with Rising Mortgage Rates

In the real estate market, prices fluctuate – and mortgage rates are no different. While mortgage rates are currently lower than they were last year, many experts agree that rates might hover near 5% throughout 2019*.
And while these rates are easier to manage, it’s always key to stay educated on the programs available to buyers.

Follow these simple tips to help put money towards the mortgage down payment:

  • Transfer a fixed amount into a special savings every month
  • Pay off high interest rate credit cards
  • Lower miscellaneous expenses

With a homebuyer’s potential buying power, it’s also important to stay up-to-date with the various loan assistance programs that can help your client. When your client is ready to purchase a home, call your local Alliance Title representative for your title and escrow services!

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New Tools for Your Success

Closing transactions means converting your list of prospects into clients. Alliance Title’s tools have received an upgrade to provide a better user experience with mobile friendly responsive technology. Grow your business and confidence with our new tools.

Net Sheet

Calculate an estimate* of costs for buyers and sellers with our easy-to-use form.

Lender Closing Cost Calculator

Utilize this straightforward cost calculator to quote* title and escrow fees for your buyer or seller.

These new updates will better serve you and your needs. Try our upgraded tools today, or pair up with your local Alliance Title representative to access these tools for your success!

*These costs are only an estimate

How to Curb Low Inventory Blues

Real Estate is competitive – and it doesn’t get any easier when inventory is low. During times of flat listings, it’s important to remain attentive and confident to keep closing transactions.

Referral-Generating System

Don’t wait for referrals – cultivate them! Ask for, remind, and reward referral behavior. Awareness and engagement with past clients will help you stay at the top of their list.

Geographic Farming

Map those sales territories! Market to these areas with a mix of direct mail, in person contact, and phone calls.

Expired and Withdrawn Listings

Contact the owner to express interest in helping them sell their property and explain possible reasons why they weren’t able to sell before.

Contact your local Alliance Title Representative for more assistance!

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New Year, New Plan, New Tools

With the upcoming New Year, it’s important to keep growing in both education and confidence in order to succeed. Using Alliance Title’s tools and guides will keep you on track to reach your New Year Resolutions.

Client Resource Guide:

Simplifying complexities and confusion that your clients may have will show them you’re on their side. This brief guide was made for you – with this guide, you’ll be up-to-speed on title, escrow, tax prorations, and more.

Buyer-Seller Guide:

Because you’re the professional, clients look to you when they are needing to understand real estate jargon. Sharing this guide on Alliance Title’s website will help your clients understand the closing process.

Pocket Settlement Guide:

Loans can be tricky. With this settlement resource, you’ll be up-to-date on parties being responsible for specific loans.

Team up with your Alliance Title representative to stay informed!

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