COVID Rises – But Mortgages Applications Rise, Too

The world continues to adjust to COVID-19, and the real estate market continues to march on.

With the record-low interest rates that have continued, potential homebuyers have jumped at their opportunity to purchase homes.

Although purchase mortgage volume dropped 3% during the week of June 15th, it was still 18% higher than a year prior.

Joel Kan, Mortgage Bankers Association’s Chief Economist, explains, “One factor that may potentially crimp growth in the months ahead is that the release of pent-up demand from earlier this spring is clashing with the right supply of new and existing homes on the market. Additional housing inventory is needed to give buyers more options and to keep home prices from rising too fast.”

2020 has certainly changed many outlooks for the predicted year in real estate, but experts are keeping a close eye on mortgage prices and housing demands.

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Real Estate Tip of the Week: Agent Guidance Amidst COVID-19

As we try and figure out how to maintain our business while COVID continues on, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself as well as your loved ones during this strange time.

Moving forward, how can you keep your real estate business up and running when COVID is still very much a prominent part of everyone’s daily lives – and with states opening and closing their phases?

Utilize Social Media to Build Relationships

The good news: social distancing is incredibly easy through social media! Focus on one social media platform at a time (create a schedule – check out our past article, here) and attract new clients and maintain a relationship with your past clients.

One example of utilizing your social media page for business would be to highlight resources that buyers or sellers can use (like builders, lenders, etc.) and have them reach out to you for more!

Rethink Your Listings

Your buyers might not be able to (or might not want to) go visit homes in person – so that means you have to think in terms of the buyer. What do buyers want to look at when they are physically in the home they’re interested in?

Take pictures of views from windows, of closet and pantry spaces, and include photos of the entire exterior (driveway, siding, etc.). This will all help them gather a better idea about what the home looks like and offers.

Virtual Meetings & Tours

Instead of putting all of your meetings with potential or current clients on hold, meet with them over GoToMeeting, Skype, or Zoom! Check out our previous article on how to prepare for these kinds of meetings, here.

Another very important tip: remember to enjoy your self-care and your family during these weird times!

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Social Distancing and Business Growth

Even while COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives, the housing market marches on. With various state restrictions in place to maintain social distancing, it might be difficult to reach your clients as you once used to.


  • Our Buyer/Seller Guides are available online. You can use them in a presentation, or you can send them directly to your client to help with any questions about the process.
  • A login with our Marketing Resource Center will allow access to create flyers, postcards, etc. Send them to a past client as a friendly check-in, or to new clients as a warm welcome.

Meet our Emmett, ID Branch

In Southwestern Idaho, you’ll find the “gem” in Gem County – Emmett, Idaho! Emmett is a vibrant and adventurous local community that holds excitement and hospitality in every corner.

Agriculture has been a major focus for this community and has made a huge economic impact on the town for more than 100 years. From strawberries, to cherries, apricots, blueberries, and apples – you’re sure to find delicious and locally grown fruit!

Their annual Emmett Cherry Festival has become the family hometown tradition! Since the 1930s, the community and surrounding cities have celebrated the region’s largest running festival every June; with fun activities, concerts, and yummy food, the Emmett Cherry Festival is the highlight to kicking off the summer months.

A 15-minute drive from the Black Canyon Reservoir, you’ll find our Alliance Title Emmett branch! With a combined experience of 25+ years in the title and escrow industry, our Emmett team is ready to close your transaction.

Our Emmett office prides themselves on all of the Alliance Title Core Values, and it certainly helps them stand out from the rest of the competition in Gem County. Teamwork – one of our core values – is something the Emmett office holds near and dear to their hearts. They have participated and volunteered in eight different events this past year! They include: the Emmett Rotary Foundation Dinner, Emmett Cherry Festival, Emmett Harvest Festival, REBA Bowling Fundraiser, Rose Evans Memorial Gold Tournament, Emmett Valley Friendship Coalition, Emmett Food Pantry, and the Gem County Christmas Toy Drive and Cheer Basket!

The Emmett Team enjoys the variety of work their customers bring to the table – whether it be a buyer, seller, agent, or surveyor. Their clients can be anything from a FSBO to Seller Finance that allows them to work directly with the buyer and seller – thus creating lasting relationships.

Outside of work, the Emmett branch loves to go on adventures! The team – Vice President & General Manager, Marilyn Knighton; Escrow Officer, Tiffini Woolley; and Administrative Assistant, Stephanie Harmison – love to go paddle boarding at Black Canyon, garden, spend time with family, swim, or ride dirt bikes/ATVs at Little Gem Cycle Park.

Whether you’re buying or selling commercial or residential property in Gem County, the professionals at Alliance Title’s Emmett location would be delighted to help make your next transaction a success!

Alliance Title Emmett Branch
P.O Box 622
1312 S Washington Ave., Ste. F, 83617

Rethinking Real Estate Space: Commercial Offices Post COVID

With many employees working from home while the world tries to adapt to COVID-19, the idea of the “workspace” might change.

A new survey found that 35% of new remote employees would like to permanently work from home. Of the 35%, a majority would like there to be a hybrid option (85%) – working in the office two days a week and working from home three days a week. 7% said they wanted to work from home just one day a week.

So what does this mean and look like for commercial spaces in the future?

Some experts are predicting that satellite offices will open in suburban communities. These potential spaces can help cut down on public transportation and minimize the amount of people working in one space.

Real estate agents also agree that with the average lease term for commercial spaces usually seven years, and only 14-15% of tenant leases ending at the same time, the worry of many vacant retail spaces happening at one time likely won’t happen.

As for what the future holds in commercial real estate – experts aren’t quite sure. But with the “traditional” 9-5 desk job quickly changing, we’re sure to see spaces change too.

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Real Estate Tip of the Week: Virtual Home Tours

Although states are opening in phases, homebuyers and sellers still might be more comfortable completing parts of their home journey through digital means.

If you’re a homebuyer getting ready to take a virtual tour with your real estate agent, then it’s best that you prepare what you’d like to see and/or hear. Technology has helped the real estate world immensely during COVID-19, but sometimes you miss things that you wouldn’t have if you were there in person – like how a home smells or if there is a lot of traffic in the area.

So what can you do to cover your bases?

Check out our tips here:


Before your agent enters the home, have them give you a wide shot of the house – be sure they you’re able to view all corners of the home and yard.

Neighborhood Shot

It’s important that you also like the surrounding area that your home is in! Ask your agent to show you the space surrounding your home. This way, you can see the spacing between homes, and maybe even get a glimpse as to how the neighborhood feel is.

Outside Glimpses

Since you’re not there in person, it’s best that you see all of the features of the home as close as you can. If your home has sprinklers, a fence, a light post, or a shed, be sure that your agent is giving you a good view of them. Have your agent show the driveway – how steep is it? Do you have enough space in the driveway for any extra cars you might have if guests stop by?

Extra Features

If your home has a pool, or playground equipment, have your agent give you an up-close look. How are the pool’s filters? Is the playground equipment rusty?


At any point in time that your agent is outside, ask them if you could just listen for a moment. Are there many planes flying by? Cars zooming down the street? These are things to consider before moving into a new home – and even when you try to resell it!

While viewing a home digitally doesn’t compare to seeing a home in person, there are still things you can prepare for so you have a better understanding of the home and neighborhood’s atmosphere.

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How Will the Home Change After COVID?

With more and more people working from home, and college students returning to their parent’s homes to participate in online schooling, and couples or roommates having to maneuver between each other’s zoom meetings – are open floor plans going to be a thing of the past?

Open spaces (the large space that usually combines the family room, dining room, and kitchen), might not seem super ideal when a large majority of people are at home at once trying to accomplish different things.

Some experts are wondering whether homes will move towards a traditional style – where rooms are more separated and have “designations.” Another good reason housing might move back to this style is for economic reasons – HVAC experts claim that open floor spaces take more time to heat or cool, which results in higher bills.

Others have a harder time imagining the open floor plan disappearing. Michael Ackerman, of Coldwell Banker in Seattle, believes that “people won’t go back to a more formal design after getting a taste of natural light and the flow of a great room. [Instead] people are setting up workspaces in their garages, in their spare bedrooms, wherever they find space.”

What do you think? Will open space formats be a pre-covid luxury? Sound off in the comments below!

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The Need for Real Estate Agents Rise

Potential homebuyers, pre-covid, might have debated whether or not to use a real estate agent – but it looks like many home seekers are more determined to have an agent by their side.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) released a new survey that found nearly 47% of home shoppers felt that a real estate agent was more vital than before the pandemic. The main reason?

Peace of mind.

A real estate agent helps guide, explain, and present homes you might not have seen otherwise.

54% of buyers and 62% of sellers agreed that because of the uncertainty that COVID-19 brings, the extra help from a real estate agent was among the top of their lists.

NAR President and Broker, Vince Malta, stated: “While we celebrate homeownership month, we embrace today’s version of homeownership and the unique paths homeowners take to realize their dream. For prospective buyers, the desire to own a home remains strong, and the guidance, expertise, and professionalism Realtors provide is more important now than ever.”

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Employee Spotlight – Kara Rogness

We have a new employee spotlight! Give a round of applause for Kara Rogness!

Kara is an Escrow Assistant for our Coeur d’Alene, Idaho office. Kara clears title, assists with phone calls and walk-ins, helps with CD’s, and other various tasks. Kara loves that her work days always come with a new challenge!

Of the Alliance Core Values, “Teamwork” is Kara’s favorite. She explains, “Teamwork is the glue that holds everything together.” After joining the Alliance Title CDA office back in 2017, Kara is a wonderful and knowledgeable person to have on our team!

Outside of the office, Kara enjoys spending time with family and friends, finding new hiking trails and new spots to go paddle boarding, and planning trips!

When it comes to admiration, Kara thinks of no one other than her mother. She continues, “My mother is one of the strongest people I know. She works hard and is always there for her family!”

Kara’s favorite quote, “Don’t count the days, make the days count,” by Muhammad Ali, is something she tries to stick to as her daily mantra. Kara says, “It’s a great reminder to live every day to the fullest!”

Now that you’ve gotten to know Kara a little more, stop by Alliance Title’s Coeur d’Alene branch and write them in on your next transaction! Kara looks forward to helping make your home closing a simple and smooth experience.

Kara Rogness – Escrow Assistant for Alliance Title’s CDA Branch
2157 N Main St., 83814

Real Estate Tip of the Week: Market Planning & COVID-19

Usually, market planning is mapped out a year in advance – you already know your goals and steps that you want to accomplish! But with COVID-19 changing much on how we live, planning for your businesses can prove to be a little more difficult.

To adapt in these times, it’s best to market plan just a month (or two) in advance. That way, you can make sure you’re staying relevant to what is currently needed with buyers and sellers.

Take a quick look at some of the ways you can market plan for the immediate future:

  • Following up on leads might not be the most appropriate action to take during a pandemic – instead, think of taking a more moderate form of prospecting.
  • Send personal letters and messages to your past and current clients through the mail! Be compassionate and understanding to current situations. Let them know you’re there for them with whatever assistance they might need.
  • Finally get to organizing and updating your list and notes in CRM!
  • Utilize video! Send heartfelt messages to your clients through email.
  • Make sure any automated email blasts or social media campaigns are stopped or up-to-date to reflect the current situation.

We’re all growing and adapting during this quarantine. Be gentle with yourself and remember to be compassionate and understanding with your clients during this time.

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