Employee Spotlight – Kassandra Stecklein

Alliance Title’s Blackfoot, ID branch has been lucky to have Kassandra Stecklein as an Escrow Officer for the past 5 years! Her responsibilities include clearing title and preparing and conducting closings. Kassandra loves helping clients sign on new purchases – to her, being involved with getting clients into their new home is incredibly rewarding!

Of the Alliance Core Values, “Teamwork” is Kassandra’s top choice. She explains that, “teamwork is so important in everyday life as well as in the workplace. Trying to work solo in our line of work is almost impossible! Without my coworkers, I honestly don’t know what I would do! Whether it’s jumping in and taking a phone call, preparing documents, or solving a huge puzzle – together, we make it work!”

When Kassandra is needing inspiration, she looks to her grandpa LaVerelle for direction. To Kassandra, her grandfather brings joy and happiness to her life. She illustrates, “he is wise beyond measure and one of the hardest workers I know. If I am ever in a situation where I don’t know what to do, I look to him for guidance. And if I’m ever in need of a good laugh, he’s my go to guy!”

After working hard in the office, Kassandra enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her three-legged dog, Chief! Loving to spend time outdoors, Kassandra finds that she spends most of her time around her family’s farm – whether it’s in the shop, checking water, or spoiling her cattle!

Kassandra’s favorite quote, “Why worry? If you’ve done the very best you can, worrying won’t make it any better,” comes from Walt Disney. Kassandra goes on to explain, “I worry about everything, so sometimes I have to take a step back and realize there’s no reason for it!”

Now that you’ve gotten to know Kassandra a little more, stop by Alliance Title’s Blackfoot branch to write them in on your next transaction! Kassandra looks forward to helping make your home closing a wonderful and positive process.

Kassandra Stecklein – Escrow Officer at Alliance’s Blackfoot Branch
246 W Pacific St., Ste. A, 83221

Employee Spotlight – Ashley Houweling

Ashley Houweling has been a Business Development Representative for Alliance’s Nampa, ID branch for the past two and a half years! Her responsibilities include cultivating and maintaining relationships with clientele and the community they serve. Ashley truly enjoys getting to know her customers and hearing about their experiences – including their successes and challenges. Helping her clients brainstorm and come up with ideas to combat the challenges they face is something Ashley strives to accomplish. With a total of 13 years in the real estate industry, it’s safe to say that Ashley knows her stuff.

Of the Alliance Core Values, “Trust and Respect” are Ashley’s go to picks. She explains that, “these two values go hand-in-hand and are necessary for any business or personal relationship to succeed and flourish.”

When asked whom she admires most, Ashley looks to her grandparents – “They have always been the backbone of our family with an unwavering love for all their children and grandchildren. They have overcome some great obstacles in their day and have managed to do so with a grateful heart and quiet strength.”

Outside of the office, Ashley enjoys horseback riding, farming, fishing, hunting and relaxing with family and friends. Her most recent pride and joy comes from her and her husband’s new baby, Cassidy Mae!

Ashley’s favorite quote, “It is not the length of life, but the depth,” comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Ashley goes on to explain, “I have enjoyed many quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson ever since I was introduced to him in middle school, and this one in particular has always stuck with me. It’s a reminder that it is not about quantity, but quality. I find that to be applicable in many aspects of life.”

Now that you’ve gotten to know Ashley a little more, stop by Alliance’s Nampa branch to write them in on your next transaction! Ashley looks forward to helping make your home closing a wonderful and positive process.

Ashley Houweling – Business Development Representative at Alliance’s Nampa Branch
1005 W Sanetta St 83651

Employee Spotlight – Stacy Woods

Stacy Woods has been a Business Development Representative for Alliance Title’s Nampa, ID branch for the past nine years! Stacy is responsible for growing Alliance Title’s business and market share for the Canyon County; she truly enjoys helping new agents grow their network and connecting them with experienced lenders. Stacy appreciates Alliance’s encouragement in her involvement with the community – she is currently sitting as a Chamber Ambassador.

Of the Alliance Core Values, “Integrity” is Stacy’s top choice. She explains, “This core value is one of the many reasons I work for Alliance – they put integrity above and beyond even during the fluctuating market.”

Stacy looks to her family when she needs strength and advice. When asked whom she admires, Stacy’s grandfather comes to mind. She exemplifies that “he taught me honesty and that hard work pays off.” While her grandfather gave her wonderful advice, her husband and daughters give her warmth and light. Stacy has been married to her husband for twenty-four years, and they have two beautiful daughters that they are both extremely proud of. Her oldest is a senior at the University of Idaho, and her youngest is a senior at Homedale High School.

Outside of the office, Stacy enjoys horseback riding, traveling, going to football games, and being with her family.

Stacy’s favorite quote, “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather, is a lack of will,” by Vince Lombardi, is something she tries to apply in her daily life. Stacy explains, “I like this quote because I have always considered myself the underdog; however, I have always had the will to overcome any obstacles that have gotten in my way.”

Now that you’ve gotten to know Stacy a little more, stop by Alliance Title’s Nampa branch to write them in on your next transaction! Stacy looks forward to helping make your home closing a wonderful and positive process.


Stacy Woods – Business Development Rep. III at Alliance Title’s Nampa Branch.
1005 W Sanetta St., 83651

Employee Spotlight – Heidi Semmler

Heidi Semmler has been an Escrow Officer for Alliance’s Salmon, ID branch for the past 13 years! Heidi has loved being involved in the process of closing title and escrow transactions for her clients; she enjoys the excitement she sees when her clients buy their first home, or when they return to sell their home for a new one.

Of the Alliance Core Values, “Service” is Heidi’s go-to favorite. She explains, “In service, we have to be honest; our job will not get done without teamwork. We need our customers to trust us – and that trust will turn into respect. Our service is what our customers will remember, and our service is a combination of all Alliance’s Core Values.”

When asked whom she admires, Heidi looks to her mother. She illustrates that “[my mom] is such an amazing and kind person; she is always thinking about someone other than herself.”

Outside the office, Heidi enjoys spending time with her husband and their 15 year old son – whether that’s through camping, hunting, fishing, rafting, or having barbecues with family and friends. Heidi also finds joy in seeing her son flourish and find new passions.

Heidi’s favorite quote, “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around,” by author, Leo Buscaglia, is something she tries to strive by.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Heidi a little more, write her in on your next transaction! Heidi looks forward to helping make your home closing a wonderful and positive process.


Heidi Semmler – Escrow Officer at Alliance’s Salmon Branch
610 Main St.
Salmon, ID, 83467

Employee Spotlight – Eric Polatis

Eric Polatis has been a part of the Alliance’s Emerald CTS branch since 2011, but has been working in the title insurance industry for the past 20 years! As a Senior Advisory Title Officer, he also services Alliance’s Meridian and CW Moore escrow teams on all title related matters.

Of the Alliance Core Values, “Integrity” is Eric’s top choice. He explains, “I believe in doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances whether or not anyone can see it. Success can come and go, but integrity is forever!” Eric aims to make a difference in Alliance’s client’s lives in both commercial and residential real estate.

Eric enjoys the daily challenge of his work and the constant learning it provides. He also loves to help customers solve their potential title issues – Eric further explains, “It can literally mean the difference in them putting food on the table and a roof over their family’s head.”

When asked whom he admires, Eric looks to his mother. He adds that “she is such an amazing hard-working woman who has done everything in her life for her family!”

Outside of work, Eric finds passion in being active and anything sports related. He also finds relaxation in playing his guitar!

Eric’s favorite quote, “be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind,” is something he tries to live by.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Eric a little more, write him in on your next transaction! He looks forward to helping make your next transaction a wonderful and positive success.


Eric Polatis – Senior Advisory Title Officer at Alliance’s Emerald CTS Branch
9465 W Emerald, Ste. 120
Boise, ID 83704

Employee Spotlight – Kauri Moll

Kauri Moll has been an Escrow Officer for Alliance’s Meridian, ID branch for the past 15 years. If she were to define her job description, she would interpret it as making dreams come true! Although Kauri’s job isn’t always easy, she keeps a smile on her face and consistently has her clients feeling comfortable and at ease.

Of the Alliance Core Values, “Service” is Kauri’s favorite. She explains, “If I am service oriented, then our company and our promise stands out. It helps clients understand that we care and that their transaction is the most important transaction.” Kauri strives to make a difference in her client’s lives and help them accomplish their goals and dreams.

When asked whom she admires, Kauri points to the working mother. She explains that “being a single career mom myself, I have huge respect for those moms out there who are able to manage a career, a household, and wrangle their children along the way!”

When she’s not in the office, Kauri loves spending her time outdoors! Whether it’s through hiking, backpacking, hunting, or fishing, you can find her exploring new places and soaking in the rays.

Kauri’s favorite quote, “wanting less is a better blessing than having more,” helps her keep things simple and back to the basics. She believes that money and things don’t buy happiness – but instead to cherish your family and friends and make memories.

Now that you’ve gotten to know Kauri a little more, write her in on your next transaction! Kauri looks forward to helping make your next transaction a wonderful and positive success.


Kauri Moll – Escrow Officer at Alliance’s Meridian Branch
2965 E Tarpon Dr. Ste. 180
Meridian, ID 83642

Employee Spotlight – Joy Denning

Joy Denning is a Title Officer for Alliance’s Blackfoot, ID branch. Having been with the branch for the past 25 years, Joy brings plenty of experience and happiness into the office. Joy appreciates helping customers understand their commitments and answering their questions. She also records, supervises recordings, and completes inspections.

Of Alliance’s core values, Joy considers “Teamwork” to be at the heart of her job. Joy explains, “I could not do my work without everyone else on my team. We have a great office and all work together. My team in Boise is also wonderful to jump in and help us satisfy our customers and answer my endless questions. It sometimes takes all of us to get the deal closed.”

Joy’s favorite aspect of work involves researching. She enjoys the inspections and comparing what she has studied on paper in relation to how the building truly sits on the land.

When asked whom she admires most, she looks to her parents. Joy explains that “they lived through the depression, at a time when the most valuable thing they had was their family and integrity. They sacrificed so much.” Her favorite quote, “children honor thy parents and parents be worthy of that honor” deeply reflects her appreciation of her family.

Outside of work, Joy enjoys spending time in the outdoors. She loves to go camping, biking, hiking, fishing, or taking pictures when she travels to new places.

Now that you know Joy a little better, write her in on your next transaction!

Joy Denning – Title Officer at Alliance’s Blackfoot Branch.
246 W Pacific St., Ste. A.
Blackfoot, ID, 83221

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Employee Spotlight – Tina Christy-Dettloff

Tina Christy-Dettloff is an Assistant Branch Manager and Title Officer for Alliance’s Salmon, ID branch. Tina brings plenty of experience to the branch; her 26th anniversary with the company will be celebrated in December!

Of Alliance’s core values, Tina considers “Service” to be at the heart of her work. Tina explains, “I try to reflect ‘service above self’ in my life. It impacts my relationships with my team as well as my clients. When customers are looking for answers about their land or transactions, I give them the time they need to answer their questions and feel comfortable. Service is so important in setting us above the rest.”

Her favorite aspect about work involves the variation in her days and truly making an impact on her client’s lives. Tina loves title searching and helping her customers with the many situations that need to be worked through to achieve the goal of the buyer or seller.

Tina’s choices for who she admires most reflects back to her favorite core value, “service above self.”  Jesus Christ, Pope Francis, and the Dalai Lama as those whom she reveres most.

When she’s not in the office, Tina enjoys taking advantage of all what Salmon has to offer. In the summer you can find her working in her garden, camping, hiking, or floating the Salmon River. Come winter, Tina relaxes by reading, sewing, or cross country skiing.

Tina’s favorite quote is, “work like you don’t need the money, love like you’ve never been hurt, and dance like nobody’s watching.” Not surprisingly, this quote ties in with her favorite Alliance core value.

Now that you know Tina a bit better, write her in on your next transaction!

Tina Christy-Dettloff – Assistant Branch Manager & Title Officer at Alliance’s Salmon Branch
610 Main St.
Salmon, ID 83467


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Employee Spotlight – Jennifer Kunz

Jennifer Kunz has recently joined the Driggs, ID branch as an Escrow Assistant. She believes the best part of her job includes assisting clients in reaching their dreams and aspirations of homeownership. Jennifer strives in leaving a positive impression for her clients to feel confident in their financial decisions.

Of the Alliance Core Values, “Integrity” is Jennifer’s favorite. She explains, “being honest and having a strong moral compass is very important – not only in work, but in life.”

When looking for inspiration of positivity, Jennifer looks to her grandmother. As someone she admires, Jennifer’s grandmother “is always positive and never has had a negative thing to say about anyone.”

Outside of the office, Jennifer loves to garden, canoe, fish, and read – all while being accompanied by her husband and children. It should be of no surprise then that Jennifer’s favorite quote comes from Cicero: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”

Jennifer looks forward to helping make your next transaction a wonderful and positive success!

Jennifer Kunz – Escrow Assistant
78 N Main St.
Driggs, ID 83422

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Employee Spotlight – Dennise Davidson

Dennise Davidson is an Escrow Officer with Alliance’s Nampa branch serving the Treasure Valley. With 13 years of experience with the company and over 20 years in the industry, Dennise prides herself on making her clients look good to their customers.

Of the Alliance Core Values, “Integrity” is what Dennise considers to be the heart of the company. Dennise explains “Our clients can rest assured that we will be honest in our dealings, always striving to provide the highest level of customer care.  We work as a team to ensure our clients have the best closing experience possible”.

When asked what Dennise likes most about her position, she shared that it is the personal relationships with clients that she enjoys the most.  She feels fortunate to have developed so many friendships with professionals in the industry while also having the rewarding opportunity to be part of making the dream of homeownership come true.

When Dennise is not busy working, you can find her taking advantage of the many things our great state of Idaho has to offer.  In particular, she likes camping, music, nature, reading and exploring.

For our spotlights, we always like to ask: Who do you admire the most and why?  Dennise replied with a passionate response about her mother. “My mother, Rosemary, for her courage in the face of adversity, for her strength of character and perseverance through difficult circumstances and for the unconditional love, care and thoughtfulness she extends to everyone she meets. I admire her sense of adventure and the wonderful way she always brings out the best in people.”

Dennise’s favorite quote is “Bloom Where You’re Planted”.  Not surprisingly this is also one of her mother’s favorite sayings and something that she finds to be a simple reminder to be content and make the most of what you have. She believes this is the secret to happiness.

Now that you know Dennise a bit better, write her in on your next transaction!

Dennise Davidson – Escrow Officer at Alliance Nampa Branch
1005 W Sanetta St.
Nampa, ID 83651

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