Employee Spotlight – Michelle Turner

Michelle Turner, Escrow Officer II – Meridian, ID

Michelle Turner is an Escrow Officer II at Alliance’s Meridian, Idaho branch and has been with the company since 2004. As an Escrow Officer, Michelle is the neutral third party that coordinates all sides of a transaction to ensure it goes smoothly and accurately.

Her favorite aspects of the role are working with people and solving problems. She also enjoys “walking people through what is typically the largest purchase of their life or one of the largest they will ever make. Making it a happy experience rather than a stressful one.”

Trust & Respect is Michelle’s favorite Alliance Core Value. She explains that it’s “because you can’t have business without these two core values. If someone can’t trust you, then why send you business? You don’t trust people with your business unless you respect and look up to them. It goes hand in hand.”

Michelle says she admires her mother the most out of anyone. “She is the toughest person I know and even when things aren’t going her way, she keeps it all together and comes out on top!”

“Live, Laugh, Love.” is Michelle’s favorite quote. She says it embraces everything she believes. “If you can’t laugh and love then you aren’t living. Every day is a new day and it should be treated that way. Don’t waste time being sad when you can be positive and look forward.”

Away from the office, Michelle enjoys spending time with her family, staying as active as possible with bowling being one of their favorite activities to participate in together. She hopes to one day get back into art when she finds the time.

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Employee Spotlight – Tonya Reeves

Tonya Reeves, Escrow Officer – Eagle, ID

Tonya Reeves is a Senior Escrow Officer at Alliance’s Eagle, Idaho office and has been with the company since 2011. She handles a wide array of responsibilities from operations to closing real estate transactions. Her robust skillset and passion for interacting with clients are a huge benefit to the team and community.

Of Alliance’s Core Values, Tonya says her favorite is Teamwork. She says, “Without it, this job wouldn’t be possible.” Her favorite aspect of what she does is meeting and working clients and customers.

When asked who she admires the most, Tonya says her mother. “She was the most giving, strong and independent woman I’ve ever known.”

Tonya’s favorite quote is from Bob Marley: “Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you. You just have to find the ones worth suffering for.” She explains, “I absolutely love this quote because it rings so true.”

Outside of work, Tonya likes spending time both inside and outdoors. She can be found in the gym as well as outside camping and mountain biking.

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Employee Spotlight – Teri Hays

Teri Hays, Escrow Officer – Nampa, ID

Teri Hays is a Senior Escrow Officer III at Alliance’s Nampa, Idaho office. She joined the team in 2010 and has been in the escrow industry for 14 ½ years. Her primary duties include working with and educating realtors, lenders, buyers and sellers to close real estate transactions.

Of the Alliance Core Values, Teri’s favorite is “Service.” She explains, “I love going above and beyond for the clients. I especially love making the closing room a fun, less scary place for the buyers and sellers. I want the buyers and sellers to know exactly what they are paying for through closing and what exactly they need to do after closing.”

When asked whom she admires the most, Teri admires her mother. Despite her mom’s difficult upbringing as a teenager, her mother actively sought change, made things happen and supported herself by the age of 15. “Instead of staying in that situation, she educated herself while being a young wife and mother of 3 small children,” recounts Teri. “She had various jobs that eventually led her to managing a branch, mortgage department and becoming a loan officer.” Her mom also believed that when Terri needed a career change, she would make a great escrow officer and “I’ve enjoyed this job ever since.”

Teri’s favorite saying is “Get up, brush yourself off and get on with life.”

Away from the office, Teri likes to spend time with her husband Allen and with her kids, grandkids and playing with her Border Collie named Sky. She enjoys camping, building rustic furniture out of barn wood and going on roadtrips to see her grandchildren whenever they can.

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Employee Spotlight – Mirt Baldazo & Erin Holmes

Mirt Baldazo & Erin Holmes, Treasure Valley Funding Team – Boise, ID

Treasure Valley Funding team members, Mirt Baldazo and Erin Holmes, at Alliance Title’s Parkcenter office in Boise, Idaho are who escrow professionals aspire to be. They handle funds disbursement for all transactions in Ada County, which includes double checking payoffs and ensuring all payees have correct information so that all parties get paid in a timely manner. In other words, accuracy and timeliness are paramount to getting the job done right.

Regarding what she likes most about what she does, Erin says, “I enjoy being part of the final step in a successful transaction. Disbursements make everyone happy.”

Erin has been in the escrow industry since 2004, joining the Alliance team in 2012, and Mirt has been in escrow since 1998, joining Alliance in 2010. With a combined 32 years of industry expertise, they’re able to confidently maneuver the normal nuances and any rough waters that a transaction can present.

“Teamwork” is both Mirt and Erin’s favorite Alliance Core Value. Erin explains why: “When each department works together as a team, the whole closing process goes smoothly, which creates an outstanding experience for our customers.”

Mirt adds that being part of an awesome team is what she enjoys most about her role. “My co-workers are the best. They believe in teamwork, trust and respect. Erin and I are a great team and try to exceed in providing great service to our customers and escrow teams.”

Robin Aberasturi, Mirt’s boss, is who she admires the most. “She is a walking title and escrow manual.” Mirt says that Robin is always helpful and always inspires her team to set and achieve higher goals.

“Enjoy every moment, as tomorrow is never promised.” is Mirt’s favorite quote because “as we get older, we sometimes face challenges. Life is precious and sometimes short, but with family and friends anything is possible.”

Oprah Winfrey’s quote “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up with more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough.” is Erin’s favorite.

Outside of work, Erin likes traveling with her husband, Ron, and good friends. She also enjoys cooking, planting flowers and watching football. Mirt also enjoys spending time with family and her girlfriends at family get-togethers, road trips, concerts and barbecues.

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Employee Spotlight – Alice Hill

Alice Hill, Escrow Officer II – Lewiston, ID

Alice Hill is an Escrow Officer II at Alliance’s Lewiston, Idaho office and joined the company in 2016. Working with sellers and buyers is her favorite part of what she does. She knows how important it is to be there for the client every step of the way because real estate transactions can have plenty of ups and downs.

Of Alliance’s Core Values, “Integrity” is Alice’s favorite. She says, “I want customers to know they can trust us to do the best job we can for each of them.”

Alice admires the World War II generation of our society because of their values, courtesy and patriotism. Along the same lines, her favorite quote is: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” She says that everyone can benefit from just being “kind to each other.”

Outside of work Alice keeps busy with antiques, guns, canning and reading.

Employee Spotlight – Anne Knight

Anne Knight, Title Officer – Boise, ID

Anne Knight is a Title Officer in Alliance Title’s Centralized Title Services department in Boise, Idaho and joined the company in 2002 when she relocated from the Seattle area. She has worked in the title and escrow industry since 1977 — 18 years were spent as a Title Examiner while seven years were spent in escrow.

What she enjoys most about what she does is the research and analysis associated with title examinations. Anne enjoys figuring out how and if a property can be insured without putting the company at risk.

Anne’s favorite Alliance Core Value is a toss-up between “Teamwork” and “Accountability.” She says it’s difficult to choose one because the two complement each other.

“The members of the title production department must work together as a team in addition to working as a team with the people who have direct contact with our customers. When working together, you can provide an excellent customer experience even when the title on the property has issues that must be resolved.”

“Teamwork, however, does not exist unless all members of the team accept accountability [responsibility] for their part of the process. When a group is working well as a team, it is easier for the individuals of the group to take on accountability. These are the reasons why I think teamwork and accountability go hand in hand.”

Anne has the most admiration for both of her grandmothers because they both made unconventional decisions on how they live their lives. Yet, at the same time, they accepted the responsibilities and consequences of their choices.

Outside of the office and when she has free time, Anne likes reading books, especially mysteries and ancient history, as well as spending time with her family.

Employee Spotlight – Whitney Gilstrap

Whitney Gilstrap, Escrow Officer – Idaho Falls, ID

Whitney Gilstrap is an Escrow Officer at our Idaho Falls, Idaho office and has been with Alliance for 3 years. Some of her day-to-day responsibilities include working up escrow files and closing real estate transactions. Those transactions can include purchases, sales and refinances. With every transaction being so unique, Whitney believes applying the Alliance Core Values helps add a personal touch.

Of Alliance’s Core Values, Whitney’s favorite is Integrity. It’s paramount both in and out of work because it speaks to personal character. Whitney elaborates: “Honesty and holding strong to your beliefs and values will create trust and respect from those around you.”

Whitney admires her brother Jayden. “He joined the Army about two years ago and is stationed in Vicenza, Italy, as part of the 2nd Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry (“The Rock”), and the 173rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne). I am so grateful for his sacrifice to serve our country and also for those sacrificing right beside him.”

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.” — Charlie Chaplin

The above quote is Whitney’s favorite because each day seems to bring something new. “It’s nice to take a break and enjoy a good laugh,” she says.

Away from the office, Whitney enjoys spending time with her husband outdoors. Taking advantage of what nature has to offer, like riding UTV’s, camping and fishing is great as a couple, but will be even better when their first child is born very soon!

Employee Spotlight – Isabel Villalobos

Isabel Villalobos
Title Officer – Nampa, ID

Isabel Villalobos is a Title Officer III at our Nampa, Idaho office and has been with Alliance for 16 years. From ensuring title insurance policies are meeting customers’ needs to answering general questions and creating a memorable customer experience, Isabel’s position as a Title Officer always allows for learning opportunities and exceeding expectations.

Out of Alliance Title’s Core Values, “accountability” and “integrity” are Isabel’s two favorites. She explains:

“A lot of my risk assessment decisions will forever impact my customers. If I’m insuring new owners, the decisions I make today will make an impact forever. I must be accountable for the decisions I make and have integrity in making those decisions. If I place integrity behind my risk assessment, putting not only the company, but my clients in the forefront, I know I’ll make the right decision and stand behind it without hesitation.”

It’s probably safe to say that being with Alliance for 16 years, Isabel likes what she does. She says why:

“It’s interesting. The chain of the title and property search tells a story that I find interesting. Last year I moved right smack dab into the middle of an escrow office and the stories from agents and clients are always intriguing. And, really, at the end of the day, we are making dreams come true and really helping people, whether purchasing a new house or getting out of an old house, I enjoy finding a way to make a home insurable with very little burden on them.”

Isabel admires her paternal grandmother the most. Her grandmother was once an immigrant and raised nine children to become successful and proud individuals. Isabel says her grandmother achieved all of this “without much more education than knowing how to sign her name.”

“She is the woman that taught not only myself, but my large family what it means to be hard working, upstanding and respectful. To fight, strive and succeed at whatever life hands you. There is no challenge that you cannot overcome by taking it head on.”

Outside of the office, Isabel likes to spend time with her one and three year old daughters. Activities include Mommy-And-Me dance classes and many games of Ring Around The Rosie and Peek-A-Boo. She says, “I’ve always been family oriented, so spending quality time with my family and friends is important.” She also mentions that if she gets a moment to herself, she loves reading a good book.

Isabel’s favorite quote is: “Life is a diner, you get what you order.”

Employee Spotlight – Kristy Anstine

Kristy Anstine
Escrow Officer – Coeur d’Alene, ID

Kristy Anstine is an Escrow Officer at Alliance Title’s Coeur d’Alene, Idaho office and has been with the company since July 2003. As an Escrow Officer, her job is to act as an independent third party coordinating the important and necessary tasks involved with the transfer of real estate ownership.

Teamwork is the aspect Kristy enjoys the most about her role. Leading the escrow team at her branch and troubleshooting ways to close transactions more efficiently is an exciting challenge that she gets to take on every day. She also enjoys educating lenders and real estate agents about what Alliance Title does and how the organization can better serve them.

“Profitability” is Kristy’s favorite Alliance Title core value. She says, “All other aspects of our core values — service, teamwork and accountability — all stand to support the bottom line. If we are not profitable, it doesn’t matter how well I service our clients because we will be out of business. We’ve got to make sure that the decisions we execute make business sense.”

Kristy admires Jenny McCarthy the most because she says, “We both have sons on the Autism spectrum. To see the way she fights for her son and champions for Autism Awareness is inspiring to me. She is charismatic, funny and speaks her mind even when her thoughts are not popular. In life, she is a fighter and refuses to quit and I value her tenacity.”

Kristy’s favorite quotes are:
“This too shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone, but it will pass.”
“Throw me to the wolves and I will come back leading the pack.”

Outside of work, Kristy is married and has five kids together with her husband, Jeff. Organizing is her passion and she enjoys spending down time with her family because it allows her to re-energize. Kristy also loves to kayak, ride bikes and Facebook.

Employee Spotlight – Laurie Cromwell

Laurie Cromwell, Senior Servicing Title Officer – Idaho Falls, ID

Laurie Cromwell is a Senior Servicing Title Officer at our Idaho Falls office. In addition to supporting our Driggs, Idaho branch, Laurie provides services to our partners by searching and examining county records to produce title reports, property profiles and guarantees.

Beginning her career with Alliance in 1990 as a receptionist and administrative assistant, Laurie has served in several roles from Typist, Long Term Escrow Officer, Escrow Assistant and Escrow Officer to Recording Clerk, Delivery and Title Assistant. She has also spent time working at our offices across eastern Idaho, including Twin Falls and Driggs.

Laurie’s favorite Alliance Core Value is “Service.” She says, “It is such a pleasure to work with customers and partners to resolve issues  and provide them with the best customer service. I believe in ‘Yes, it matters where you close.’”

When asked about what she likes the most about her role at Alliance, Laurie says that she loves working in Idaho Falls and conducting the research into county records. She also enjoys the constant opportunities to learn and as well as making customers smile knowing we helped them buy or sell their house.

Laurie admires and is inspired by both of her grandmothers. She says they have set great examples by living through the Great Depression, raising strong families with limited means and making the best lives they could. “They taught me to be a strong and independent woman and to take care of neighbors and family. These values are deeply instilled in my conscience,” Laurie adds.

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you’ll be criticized anyway. You’ll be damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Laurie says Eleanor was spot on because “No matter how hard you try to please everyone else, it is never right, so you have to do what you feel is right for yourself. Not for everyone else.”

When not in the office, Laurie likes to quilt, sew, camp, travel, cook and spend time with her husband and two boys.