Are You a Cool Neighbor?

How close are you to your neighbors? We’re not talking about proximity.

A recent survey from surveyed more than 1,000 Americans about their neighbor relationships to sort out what neighbors look for in other neighbors, and, if they would “tell on them” if a situation arose.

Depending on what situation occurs in the neighborhood, 38% of neighbors would choose to overlook an offense if it didn’t bother them, whereas 15% stated they have called the police on a neighbor when witnessing some type of occurrence.

So what’s the biggest thing neighbors find annoying or aggravating? – Violating noise ordinances. The survey found that 11% of respondents admitted to the activity in their home or neighborhood, but 26% stated that they were called out for being too loud.

Take a look at’s infographic below and see where you might stand with your neighbors:

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