Tip of the Week: Real Estate Social Media Rock

If used correctly, social media will not only greatly impact your sales, but it will also change the way you communicate with potential clients and leads.

It should come as no surprise that millennials are adamant about connecting through various social media platforms. While this generation has been slow to enter the housing market, they’re going to be America’s largest generation – while spending, on average, over 5 hours a day on their smartphones.

Being relatable, accessible, and someone millennials can connect with are all factors to pay attention to. The easiest way to accomplish this – social media.

To be even more specific, videos on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are the features you should be focusing on.


Zeroing in on Facebook’s Live feature is where you’re really going to want to strengthen your marketing skills. This is a great format to use while you’re walking through a house or a neighborhood – give them a quick layout of the scene! It helps provide a sense of what the area feels and looks like to the viewer.

Your followers are notified every time you go live, which gives you more opportunities for engagement and accessibility.


Instagram will offer shorter videos than what Facebook will provide, but they are available to your followers 24 hours after being posted before disappearing.

If you don’t want your video to disappear, add it to your Instagram Story Highlights! Your followers will be able to watch every time they visit your profile. You can spice up your Story Highlights by categorizing your videos – “Home Tours,” Neighborhood Tours,” and “Quick Facts,” could all be great ideas for followers to click and utilize.

In these short videos it might be a good idea to specifically focus on key highlights of the home – i.e., a unique entrance way, a roaring fireplace, or an updated kitchen.


Instagram’s “vanishing” video feature is also the same format that Snapchat uses. Followers on this platform are expecting entertaining, fun, and short videos (the shorter, the better). However, you can piece together multiple videos to make a longer piece.

The 100 million+ users on Snapchat spend a total of 25-30 minutes a day scanning through snaps. This alone should make you want to jump on board the Snapchat marketing train!

By utilizing videos on social media platforms, you’re not only offering your followers the chance to visualize the home and neighborhood of your listing, but you’re also showcasing who you are as a real estate agent. The more personal you are, the more attractive you’ll be to potential homebuyers who’ll need your help.

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