Tip of the Week: Moving Tips for Clients

Home is purchased and papers have been signed! Your job is completed now, right?

Well, it could be. But we know you like to go that extra mile for your clients – so why not provide quick and easy moving tips for your clients to use come moving day? Not only does it help them transition into their dream home that you helped them land, but it also helps strengthen your network!

Begin the Planning Process

Moving can be stressful – help diminish any hassle with moving by providing a checklist! Hire a Helper has a great moving checklist that you can download for free and print out for your clients – or if you’re feeling a little creative, you can always help create one yourself!


Purchasing a home and prepping to move can be a whirlwind of excitement and chaos for your clients – and important tasks can easily slip through. A great tip to pass along to clients would be to contact their utility companies about a month ahead of time (if possible). This way, they don’t end up paying more than they need to for their bills.

First Night

They can finally move into their new home! Help make this night a positive one by suggesting some quick tips for their first night.

Suggest separating items that they’ll need to use right away – toiletries, towels, shower curtain, outfits – in separate boxes. The last thing anyone wants to do after moving is trying to find the immediate things you need to enjoy the first night.

Think about possibly gifting a small gift for their first night upon move in – maybe a cozy candle or a picture frame – some Realtors® even suggest ordering pizza for their client’s first night!

Showing your clients that you want their move to be an easy and productive transition will strengthen your network and might even get you more referrals. Happy moving!

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