Employee Spotlight – Ashley Houweling

Ashley Houweling has been a Business Development Representative for Alliance’s Nampa, ID branch for the past two and a half years! Her responsibilities include cultivating and maintaining relationships with clientele and the community they serve. Ashley truly enjoys getting to know her customers and hearing about their experiences – including their successes and challenges. Helping her clients brainstorm and come up with ideas to combat the challenges they face is something Ashley strives to accomplish. With a total of 13 years in the real estate industry, it’s safe to say that Ashley knows her stuff.

Of the Alliance Core Values, “Trust and Respect” are Ashley’s go to picks. She explains that, “these two values go hand-in-hand and are necessary for any business or personal relationship to succeed and flourish.”

When asked whom she admires most, Ashley looks to her grandparents – “They have always been the backbone of our family with an unwavering love for all their children and grandchildren. They have overcome some great obstacles in their day and have managed to do so with a grateful heart and quiet strength.”

Outside of the office, Ashley enjoys horseback riding, farming, fishing, hunting and relaxing with family and friends. Her most recent pride and joy comes from her and her husband’s new baby, Cassidy Mae!

Ashley’s favorite quote, “It is not the length of life, but the depth,” comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Ashley goes on to explain, “I have enjoyed many quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson ever since I was introduced to him in middle school, and this one in particular has always stuck with me. It’s a reminder that it is not about quantity, but quality. I find that to be applicable in many aspects of life.”

Now that you’ve gotten to know Ashley a little more, stop by Alliance’s Nampa branch to write them in on your next transaction! Ashley looks forward to helping make your home closing a wonderful and positive process.

Ashley Houweling – Business Development Representative at Alliance’s Nampa Branch
1005 W Sanetta St 83651

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