Don’t Judge a Home by Its Cover

Living in an age of social media means we live in an age of constant advertisements that include photos, videos, and Snapchat stories.

It’s easy to fly past postings of homes that don’t include pictures – because (duh) you’d like to be able to view the home before actually deciding to go and see it.

But sometimes, you might be missing out on a great opportunity.

Listings that don’t include photos of the property aren’t necessarily scams – in most cases, the current homeowner believes their home needs some work, or the homeowner just simply doesn’t know how to include the photos within their post.

The owner might not know the importance of photos in the first place!

A former real estate professional in New York, Billy Domineau, wrote in Realtor Magazine that “pictureless listings tend to come from owners who accept below-market-rate prices because they either don’t know any better or they want to get the unit sold or rented quickly with little hassle.”

Read the description of the home, research the location, and understand the listing price – don’t write off a posting just because a photo isn’t included, because you might just be missing out on a hidden gem.

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