Marketing Tips for Your Open House

Unless most of your customers are as honest as Sydney Fife in the movie, I Love You Man, it can be hard to know exactly how to market to your audience.

You have the perfect house to show – the location and aesthetics are picturesque and deserve an open house. How can you ensure your event will reach a fair amount of people in order to create a successful showing?

Pick the Right Day & Time

Obviously, the weekends see the highest attendance in open houses. Know your audience – do you want to attract younger couples, singles, or recent empty nesters? Then Saturdays are probably your better day.

This doesn’t mean that weekdays are off limits – just select the best time. Shoot for a schedule that attracts an after-work attendance. They might just decide to stop at your open house to avoid the daily commuter traffic going home. Having an open house in the evening also allows the buyer to see the house in a new light – literally.

Social Media

An effortless and creative way to advertise your open house will be through various social media outlets – especially Facebook and Instagram. Upload your post on Realtor Association pages and to your own personal account.

Include the day, time, and contact information. Don’t forget those pretty pictures of the house!


Place your open house signs as the busiest intersections – think about placing 15-20 directional signs pointing drivers and walkers to the property.

Make sure you place any signs, flyers, or postings about the event early in the week. This way people can plan accordingly and possibly even help spread the word to family or friends!

Be Bold

Remember, sometimes you’re going to need to go that extra mile to help sell. Think about going door-to-door around the neighborhood personally inviting them – or anyone they know looking at buying a home – to your open house.

Think about creating a “Thank You” video after the open house and posting it to your social media accounts. This keeps the momentum of your house going.

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