Employee Spotlight – Kathy Simmons

Kathy Simmons Escrow Officer II – Idaho Falls, ID

Kathy Simmons is an Escrow Officer II at Alliance’s Idaho Falls, Idaho office and has been in the title and escrow industry since 2002. Her role involves closing real estate transactions and working with industry professionals to coordinate clearing title, preparing documents, facilitating closings and disbursing transactions.

“Service” is Kathy’s favorite Alliance Core Value. She explains, “My goal is to exceed the expectations of my customers and clients, including my relationships with my internal customers: my coworkers. Each of my customers care about having their individual needs known, understood and accomodated. Making personal connections through outstanding customer service is one of my strengths and it’s definitely my passion.”

Wayne Dyer is who Kathy admires the most. “He is a well-known teacher of the power of intention. I’ve found through my own experience that as I implement the principles and practices he shares, I realize that I play the biggest role in determining what my own destiny will be.”

Outside of work, Kathy enjoys spending playing with her children, ages 9, 7 and 4, as well as spending time with her husband. She also spends time working on her novel and has a passion for astronomy.

If you need help closing your next transaction connect with your local Alliance Title representative!

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2 comments on “Employee Spotlight – Kathy Simmons

  1. Hello, I am purchasing a used excavator in your city and the purchase agreement requires Trust services, I want to know if you can provide closing and Trust service for this purchase. Let me know if this is within your service capacity and I can email a copy of the purchase invoice, Trust instruction and purchase agreement to you for your review, if you cannot provide closing and escrow service for this purchase I will appreciate your effort if you can recommend who can. Thank you while I await your response.

    • Anthony, We do not do Trust Services for that kind of purchase, a local bank may be able to assist you with this kind of transaction.

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