Planning & Prospecting for the New Year


Keeping your business organized is critical to your success. Maintain a calendar with daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Labeling physical and digital folders helps save time because you know where you can easily find documents, lists and other important files. Some folder name ideas are: Admin, Buyers, Sellers, Clients/Lists, Marketing, Transactions.


Be specific, realistic and include either a number or percentage when setting goals. Being able to track how close you are to achieving your goal helps motivate and even finding more creative ways to reach it.


Generating new leads is crucial if you want your business to grow. Becoming visible, open and standing out by branding yourself is important to remain competitive. Create a mobile-friendly website that speaks to your personality, professionalism and expertise. Leveraging social media platforms to can help brand yourself further and digital ads can be targeted, measurable, actionable and affordable.


Get involved in the community that you want leads from by participating in worthwhile causes and projects. Not only are you helping make the world a better place, but it gets your name out there and you never know who
you’ll meet.


You have expertise and knowledge that most home buyers and sellers don’t. Hosting and teaching real estate information sessions, even with a lender, in your community can increase your prospects. It also allows you to build and reinforce your brand.


The initial timing may not have been right for a certain lead, so following up with something small like a thank you card or calling is important and can be worth your while.

Team up with your local Alliance Title representative to see how else we can help
you plan for success in the new year.

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  1. Ashley thank you for this. I am making changes to my business in 2018 and your information will help 🙂
    Happy Holidays

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