Employee Spotlight – Anne Knight

Anne Knight, Title Officer – Boise, ID

Anne Knight is a Title Officer in Alliance Title’s Centralized Title Services department in Boise, Idaho and joined the company in 2002 when she relocated from the Seattle area. She has worked in the title and escrow industry since 1977 — 18 years were spent as a Title Examiner while seven years were spent in escrow.

What she enjoys most about what she does is the research and analysis associated with title examinations. Anne enjoys figuring out how and if a property can be insured without putting the company at risk.

Anne’s favorite Alliance Core Value is a toss-up between “Teamwork” and “Accountability.” She says it’s difficult to choose one because the two complement each other.

“The members of the title production department must work together as a team in addition to working as a team with the people who have direct contact with our customers. When working together, you can provide an excellent customer experience even when the title on the property has issues that must be resolved.”

“Teamwork, however, does not exist unless all members of the team accept accountability [responsibility] for their part of the process. When a group is working well as a team, it is easier for the individuals of the group to take on accountability. These are the reasons why I think teamwork and accountability go hand in hand.”

Anne has the most admiration for both of her grandmothers because they both made unconventional decisions on how they live their lives. Yet, at the same time, they accepted the responsibilities and consequences of their choices.

Outside of the office and when she has free time, Anne likes reading books, especially mysteries and ancient history, as well as spending time with her family.

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