Employee Spotlight – Isabel Villalobos

Isabel Villalobos
Title Officer – Nampa, ID

Isabel Villalobos is a Title Officer III at our Nampa, Idaho office and has been with Alliance for 16 years. From ensuring title insurance policies are meeting customers’ needs to answering general questions and creating a memorable customer experience, Isabel’s position as a Title Officer always allows for learning opportunities and exceeding expectations.

Out of Alliance Title’s Core Values, “accountability” and “integrity” are Isabel’s two favorites. She explains:

“A lot of my risk assessment decisions will forever impact my customers. If I’m insuring new owners, the decisions I make today will make an impact forever. I must be accountable for the decisions I make and have integrity in making those decisions. If I place integrity behind my risk assessment, putting not only the company, but my clients in the forefront, I know I’ll make the right decision and stand behind it without hesitation.”

It’s probably safe to say that being with Alliance for 16 years, Isabel likes what she does. She says why:

“It’s interesting. The chain of the title and property search tells a story that I find interesting. Last year I moved right smack dab into the middle of an escrow office and the stories from agents and clients are always intriguing. And, really, at the end of the day, we are making dreams come true and really helping people, whether purchasing a new house or getting out of an old house, I enjoy finding a way to make a home insurable with very little burden on them.”

Isabel admires her paternal grandmother the most. Her grandmother was once an immigrant and raised nine children to become successful and proud individuals. Isabel says her grandmother achieved all of this “without much more education than knowing how to sign her name.”

“She is the woman that taught not only myself, but my large family what it means to be hard working, upstanding and respectful. To fight, strive and succeed at whatever life hands you. There is no challenge that you cannot overcome by taking it head on.”

Outside of the office, Isabel likes to spend time with her one and three year old daughters. Activities include Mommy-And-Me dance classes and many games of Ring Around The Rosie and Peek-A-Boo. She says, “I’ve always been family oriented, so spending quality time with my family and friends is important.” She also mentions that if she gets a moment to herself, she loves reading a good book.

Isabel’s favorite quote is: “Life is a diner, you get what you order.”

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