Employee Spotlight – Andy Beesley

Andy Beesley, Escrow Assistant – Rexburg, ID

Andy Beesley is an Escrow Assistant at Alliance’s Rexburg, Idaho office and has been with the organization since spring 2016. As an Escrow Assistant, she helps with title clearing, funding, client communications  and many other responsibilities necessary to keep a small office successful!

When asked what her favorite Alliance Core Value is and why, Andy’s answer is “Teamwork, because it takes everyone doing their part to make the transactions go smoothly and a team is better than any one person.”

Speaking of “teamwork,” it’s one of the aspects Andy enjoys about her position the most. She likes that everyone possesses different talents, skillsets and experience.

Out of everyone in her life, Andy admires her mom the most. According to Andy, her mom has set great examples by always having a positive outlook and handling all difficult situations with grace and strength.

“My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but better than I used to be.” — Wayne Dyer

This quote resonates the most with Andy. She says why: “The only person we can truly have any control over is ourselves. If I strive every day to be better than I was the last, I can improve myself. It’s not my job to ‘improve’ anyone but me.”

Away from the office, Andy spends her free time with her kids, horseback riding and fishing.

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