Employee Spotlight – Tammy Long

Tammy Long, Escrow Officer OSS – Idaho Falls, ID

Tammy Long is based out of Alliance Title’s Idaho Falls, Idaho branch, and she fulfils the role of Escrow Officer Operations Support Specialist (OSS). When she started with the company in 2004, Tammy was hired as an OSS. She then worked as an escrow assistant until last year when she returned to the OSS role. What she loves the most about the OSS position is traveling to our various branches and getting to know her fellow colleagues.

Teamwork has become a favorite Alliance Title core value for Tammy. She explained, “Being able to see how each of the different branches work together and being a part of it – even if it is a very small part – has been very satisfying.”

Eager to help wherever she is needed, Tammy is always looking for ways to lend a hand and stay busy. From clearing title, facilitating a closing, working up documents, training others, learning from others, typing a commitment, or scanning files, Tammy feels that every task is a little part in the big picture of providing excellent customer service.

Another aspect of her work that she enjoys is helping to make buyers and sellers feel comfortable at the closing table. Tammy loves to laugh, and to see a buyer or seller laugh during a closing and their stress level go down makes her day.

Outside of the office, Tammy loves spending time with the people she considers her family, whether they are blood relatives or family by love and faith. For 18 years, she has been involved with the deaf community in her area, and she has been able to use American Sign Language to help interpret during closings. Her other interests include reading, traveling, crafts (such as beading and making lotion), and spending time with her two pups whom she refers to as her babies.

“Thank you” is one of Tammy’s favorite sayings. She said, “I believe those words cannot be said enough, and no one will get tired of hearing them.”

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