Your Security Matters

Real estate agents are the most recent target of phishing schemes. A little caution when checking your emails can go a long way in protecting you and your customers.

Is the email message pertaining to wiring or disbursement instructions, or a change to instructions?

Always confirm instructions via telephone with your local Alliance escrow officer. Never validate instructions, or changes to instructions, using the phone number on the email message.

Does the email contain an attachment or embedded link?

Here are some warning signs that you should not open the attachment or click on the link:

  • You did not expect to receive an attachment or link from the sender.
  • The message claims you will gain something or will avoid negative consequences if you open the attachment or link.
  • The overall message seems odd or illogical.
  • The attachment or link does not make sense in relation to the message.

Does the email contain bad grammar or spelling errors?

Be suspicious of the email as it may have come from a cybercriminal.

Is the message coming from a free, public domain?

Be leery. These accounts are most often used in cyber fraud.

Safeguarding your customers’ information is our priority. Entrust your real estate transactions to Alliance Title.

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