Employee Spotlight – Ashley Houweling

Ashley Houweling – Business Development Representative, Nampa, Idaho

When Ashley Houweling joined our Alliance Title team in June 2016, she came with over 11 years of experience working in the real estate industry. As a business development representative for our Nampa, Idaho branch, Ashley is the face of Alliance Title within the community. She works with local real estate agents, lenders, and other individuals to close real estate transactions and she helps them grow their businesses.

When asked what she likes the most about what she does, Ashley said, “I enjoy the opportunity to meet people, learn about their lives and their goals, and help them with ideas and tools that we offer to grow their businesses and hopefully get them closer to grasping their dreams.”

Teamwork is Ashley’s favorite Alliance Title core value. She explained, “I am a big advocate for outstanding teamwork, especially in the real estate industry. Every real estate transaction has many hands touching that transaction from beginning to end. The process can be lengthy and intricate. It takes a great teamwork environment to make sure that everything is addressed appropriately and in a timely manner. If you do not have good team members involved, or the right mentality, things can go south very quickly for all involved.”

The person Ashley admires the most within the real estate industry is Brian Buffini. As a real estate and life coach, Ashley feels that his values and beliefs align with her own. Her favorite motto from Buffini is, “Be relational; not transactional.” To Ashley, building relationships is essential in every aspect of life.

Outside of the office, Ashley likes hanging out with her family and friends. Her other interests include horseback riding, camping, fishing, grouse hunting and pretty much any other outdoor or Ag-related activity.

For those that know Ashley, they may have heard her express her favorite saying, “I work to live; not live to work.” Ashley likes her work and takes pride in it. She went on to say, “Being able to live your life outside of work is extremely important to me and what I feel life is all about. Work is meant to fund the life you want to lead, in my opinion.”

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