Tips For “Talking Title” With Homebuyers

In the journey of purchasing a home, homebuyers are confronted with overwhelming amounts of detail and new, complex processes. Educating your clients early in the home buying process about the benefits of an owner’s title insurance policy can have a quantifiable, positive impact on their understanding of the value of title insurance.

What do I need to say?

As their trusted advisor, you sweat the details so your clients don’t have to. When it comes to explaining title insurance, keep it simple. Let them know that an owner’s title insurance policy protects their rights to their property. For a low, one-time fee, their property rights are protected for as long as they or their heirs own the home.

Where can I find tools and resources?

Nobody knows more about the value of owner’s title insurance than American Land Title Association (ALTA) members like Alliance Title. Visit our ALTA HOP Resources on our blog for effective and accurate information, tools and materials you can share with your clients to give them peace of mind when making what is likely the largest financial purchase in their lifetime.

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