Plan Your 2017 Vacation Getaway in Idaho

Looking for a fabulous vacation spot in 2017? According to Vogue, the top travel destinations around the globe this year include places like Sri Lanka, Oman, Malaysia, and Idaho. In their “The 10 Hottest Travel Destinations of 2017” article, the fashion and lifestyle magazine identified only 1 state in the United States to make their list. While the ranking seemed to come as a surprise to many, Vogue pointed out specific cities and areas in Idaho that would appeal to the savvy world traveler.

Boise was touted for the 190 miles of hiking trails in the nearby Boise Foothills and the city’s “hip lodging like the Modern Hotel + Bar, indie coffee shops, creative hubs, distilleries, and a serious craft beer scene.” But, Vogue also pointed to the first-rate ski resort in Sun Valley and the heli-skiing trips offered in the Idaho panhandle. Read the full article at

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