Employee Spotlight – Jackie Hackney

Jackie Hackney – Administrative Assistant, Boise, Idaho

Jackie Hackney joined the Alliance Title team in June 2015, and she works out of our downtown Boise, Idaho branch as an administrative assistant. Some of her responsibilities include opening new orders, ordering assessments, greeting incoming customers, answering phone calls, and keeping the office neat and organized. What she enjoys the most about her work is seeing the excitement in the faces of new homeowners after their closings.

Teamwork is Jackie’s favorite Alliance Title core value. She said, “I feel that a successful team is one that offers thorough training to teammates and communicates well with each other.”

When asked who she admires the most, Jackie said, “My mom. She has been amazing, strong, and an awesome role model to me and my sister.”

Outside of the office, Jackie loves spending time with her daughter, Makayla, and their Weimaraner, Lola, and attending wild and crazy family functions. She also enjoys taking spontaneous road trips with her mom and sister and scrapbooking the photos they take along the way.

Jackie’s favorite saying has a special meaning for her. She explained, “After high school graduation, my grandpa and I were discussing my future plans, and he told me that ‘a rolling stone gathers no moss’. I can still visualize and hear him saying that in the back of my mind when making important decisions.”

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One comment on “Employee Spotlight – Jackie Hackney

  1. Jackie is always a joy to see when I go to closings at the Downtown office. It is fun to see her and her smile when I get there. If the clients get there before I do she has always taken very good care of them. It is a pleasure to work with you Jackie.

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