Adapting Your Communication Approach to Connect with Potential Homebuyers

Great communication skills are essential to being an effective real estate professional. Having the ability to speak, write, and listen well helps us to meet our clients’ needs and facilitate smooth transactions. Equally important though is understanding how our clients prefer to interact with us.

Loantek® shared the findings of 3 polls that address the communication channels different generations like to use. In particular, they focused on the millennial generation’s preferences. While one of the polls they cited showed that Americans under the age of 50 preferred to communicate through text messages, two-thirds of millennials between the ages of 18 and 29 heavily use text messaging as well as email, cellphones and social media to communicate.

Based on the information provided by the polls, Loantek® contends that real estate professionals should adapt their approaches to connect with these potential homebuyers. Read their full article at

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