Employee Spotlight – Brandi Whitmill

Brandi Whitmill – Escrow Assistant, Rigby, Idaho

Brandi Whitmill – Escrow Assistant, Rigby, Idaho

Brandi Whitmill works as an Escrow Assistant in our Rigby, Idaho branch, and she has been with the company for 1 ½ years. As an escrow assistant, Brandi is responsible for opening orders, clearing files and scheduling closings. Brandi also fulfills receptionist and runner duties, such as answering the phones and making deliveries. On occasion, she has been tasked with being the office tiebreaker!

What she likes the most about her work is that there is never any routine to her position or the industry. She said, “Every day, each customer and transaction is different. I’m never bored, and there is always something challenging I get to be a part of and learn from.”

Service is Brandi’s favorite Alliance core value. She explained, “I know when I walk in anywhere, I pay attention to how I’m treated. So I make it a point to pay attention to how I treat every single person I come into contact with, especially at work. People may not always remember what was said during the process or our name when they come in here, but they will remember how we made them feel.”

The person Brandi admires the most is her grandmother. Her grandmother raised 4 children, mainly as a single mother, while working sometimes multiple jobs to make ends meet. Brandi said, “She taught me to work hard, and if there was something I wanted, I had to earn it.”

When she is away from the office, Brandi enjoys spending time with her husband, their 3 boys and their Miniature Schnauzer, Gus. They love to go camping and dirt biking as often as they can or relax at home with a movie or game night. Brandi is passionate about cooking, and she likes to try at least 1 new recipe a week.

Her favorite quote is by Robert Frost: “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” Brandi explained that she tries not to dwell on negative things and she went on to say, “We all have bad days and difficulties, but it could always be worse.”

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