Meet Our Long Term Escrow Services Team in Boise, Idaho

Left to right: Stacy Cairns and Lenore Mahler.

Left to right: Stacy Cairns and Lenore Mahler.

Alliance Title’s Long Term Escrow Services (LTES) team consists of some of the most skilled and knowledgeable employees in the company. Long Term Escrow Specialist Stacy Cairns and Escrow Officer Lenore Mahler are true experts in their field. Together, they share 61 years of experience in the industry. Stacy and Lenore’s effective teamwork and quick responses to requests, questions and inquiries assures that our buyers and sellers receive the ultimate customer experience.

As an impartial third party contract servicer, the LTES team’s responsibilities include holding original documents for safe keeping; sending out year-end statements; and reporting income to the IRS. They also assist customers with opening reserve accounts to have their taxes and insurance paid. As an added value, LTES provides our customers with 24-7 website access to their accounts, current terms and payment history. Customers can also setup automatic withdrawals for their buyers and automatic deposits for their sellers and lenders.

Stacy and Lenore greatly enjoy their work in LTES. Stacy said, “These accounts are not cookie cutter accounts we service. We get to expand our knowledge with each and every account.” When they are not assisting our customers, Stacy and Lenore like giving back to the community they serve.

Every year, the LTES team participates in our companywide ‘Closing the Hunger Gap’ food drive. They also walk in the FitOne Challenge. Lenore said that they not only participate to help benefit the St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital, but they also do it for their own health. Outside of the office, Stacy enjoys dancing and Lenore is an avid reader.

The LTES team welcomes the opportunity to provide long term escrow services for your next real estate transaction!

Phone: 208-955-9683

Fax: 208-947-4202


Address:  380 E Parkcenter Blvd., Ste. 100, Boise, Idaho 83706


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