Boise and Nampa Named Best-Run Cities by WalletHub

As WalletHub points out in their latest “best of” articles, running a city is no easy feat. City leaders make essential decisions about taxes, budgets and operations that directly impact the quality of life for their residents. To determine which cities are the best-run, WalletHub ranked 150 of the largest cities in the United States on 25 key metrics such as safety, education, financial stability, and economy.

Coming in first place was Boise, Idaho. Not only was Boise one of the top 5 safest cities on WalletHub’s list, but Boise also ranked among the highest in financial stability. Ranking right behind Boise in second place was Nampa, Idaho. Out of all of the cities analyzed, Nampa was in the top 30 for financial stability and top 40 for safety. Read the full article at

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