The Best States to Live In if You Love the Outdoors

Life in the Pacific Northwest affords us with a multitude of outdoor recreational opportunities. Every day, people of all walks of life enjoy playing outdoors. According to the Outdoor Industry Association, outdoor recreation is a big business that helps to fuel our economy. The billions of dollars spent on outdoor recreation product sales, trips and travel expenses each year helps to create jobs, especially in local communities where recreational activities are available.

For people who love outdoor recreation and want to live nearby, Retale offers their findings for the most “outdoorsy” states. Analyzing different elements for each state, Retale ranked each state on criteria such as the number of national hiking trails, campsites, state parks, and ski resorts they offered. Ranking number 5 was Washington, Montana number 10, Idaho number 18, and Wyoming number 23. To learn more about Retale’s rankings and to use their interactive map, visit

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