Creating a Comprehensive Marketing Plan to Build Your Business

Having a comprehensive marketing plan comes with many benefits when you are working hard to build your business. In fact, the ability to successfully grow your business depends on it. Marketing creates brand and service awareness for prospective buyers, which leads to sales. The more often consumers see or hear about your brand, the better your chances are that they’ll come to you first. Additionally, brand recognition can help build your business reputation in your market. A solid business reputation will increase your sales and expand your business.

Whether you are in the beginning phases of creating a marketing plan, or you have a plan in place and you could use some fresh ideas, Todd Sumney, Chief Marketing Officer for HomeSmart International, shares some useful tips. With over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, Sumney’s insights can help you start creating a marketing plan, build brand awareness for potential customers, and diversify your marketing mediums to help prospective customers find you. Read more at

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