Employee Spotlight – Adriana Mendez

Adriana Mendez, Title Assistant - Pocatello, Idaho

Adriana Mendez, Title Assistant – Pocatello, Idaho

Adriana Mendez is a Title Assistant for Alliance Title’s Pocatello, Idaho branch and she has been with the company for 9 ½ years. As a Title Assistant, Adriana is responsible for setting up orders and assisting with property searches and profiles. She also pulls documents, types and proofreads title policies, and types long legal descriptions and reconveyances. What she enjoys most about her work is the fast-paced atmosphere. Adriana likes staying busy, and when it comes to title work, there is always something to be done!

Service is Adriana’s favorite Alliance core value because she is very customer-oriented. She is always thinking about what our customers want and need and finding the fastest way to get it to them.

Adriana’s mother is the person she admires the most because her mother is able to maintain a positive outlook no matter what difficult situations life throws at her.

Outside of the office, Adriana spends most of her time watching her 4 very active children participate in various activities.

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2 comments on “Employee Spotlight – Adriana Mendez

  1. Adri is the best!! She has a wonderful reputation in the real estate community for her speed and responsiveness. She is a great example to work with!

  2. We are all so very lucky to have her here with us in Pocatello. She is “SIMPLY THE BEST” and I appreciate all she does.
    Thank you Adri!

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