WalletHub Points to Boise as One of the Best Cities to Work as a Real Estate Agent

In an effort to find the best locations for real estate agents to work, WalletHub analyzed real estate-related data for 150 of the most populated cities in the United States. Using information from credible sources, WalletHub based their rankings on 13 metrics that included sales per agent, median home price, housing turnover rate, and days on the market. Each metric carried a weighted score used to formulate two ranking categories: “Job Opportunity & Competition” and “Real-Estate Market Heat.”

Boise, Idaho placed 12th in WalletHub’s list. While Boise’s “’Job Opportunity & Competition’ Rank” landed at 45, the city’s “’Real-Estate Market Heat’ Rank” was one of the highest at number 5. See where other cities ranked at http://bit.ly/1TFAxKd.

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