Employee Spotlight – Brittany Guettermann

Brittany Guettermann, Customer Service Representative - Meridian, ID

Brittany Guettermann, Customer Service Representative – Meridian, ID

Brittany Guettermann joined the Alliance Title team in July 2014, and she works as a Customer Service Representative in the Meridian, Idaho office. With her main focus on assisting real estate agent and lender clients, Brittany carries out tasks that help make their businesses successful. Most of her days are spent preparing property profiles that give real estate agents an insider glimpse of properties they are showing their customers.

What Brittany enjoys most about her work is the opportunity to help customers on a daily basis. She said, “Whether I am utilizing the resources I have, or going above and beyond researching, nothing thrills me more than to make a customer happy by making the impossible possible, the unanswerable answerable, and the unknown known. I often hear how I made a difference in crunch time and that makes my job fulfilling.”

Teamwork is Brittany’s favorite Alliance core value as she feels it is the most essential piece to getting the job done. Brittany explained, “It takes everyone cooperating together, each bringing their unique strengths to create a great experience for all parties. The team I work with makes teamwork fun!”

The person Brittany admires the most is her husband, Jesse, whom she describes as the most hardworking, diligent, disciplined, goal-oriented, driven man she has ever met. She said, “He continually inspires me to do more, to know more, and to try more. Because of him, I’ve traveled to several different continents, climbed a few mountains, and picked up a few new hobbies! He always believes in me when I find it hard to believe in myself. I hope that I encourage and facilitate growth within people the same way he does in me.”

Brittany and Jesse are newlyweds, and they love spending their spare time together whether they are traveling abroad or staying home on a rainy day. They also enjoy camping, hiking, and kayaking, especially when they can accomplish all three in a weekend. Brittany’s other interests include DIY crafting and sharing time in the kitchen with friends. She loves the ideas she finds on Pinterest and she isn’t afraid to take a crack at them. Brittany likes to make shaped sugar cookies to decorate for every holiday, such as Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, and Easter. She has a cookie cutter for every one!

Her favorite quote is by Elisabeth Elliot: “Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith.” Brittany likes this quote because she said, “So many times in my life I have taken a leap of faith, hoping things work out. Sometimes in the midst of that leap, we can look back and wonder if we made the right choice. This quote reminds us to be faithful and persevere; trusting that what we ‘planted’ will blossom.”

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  1. Congratulations Brittany! I logged on to look for property taxes, and there you were with your new married name. Happy for you. 🙂

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