Boise, Idaho Named in “2015’s Greenest Cities in America”

Out of the 100 US cities WalletHub analyzed, Boise, Idaho ranked number 20 in their “2015’s Greenest Cities in America” list. Creating a point system based on four categories, WalletHub analyzed data for each city’s environmental quality as well as the eco-friendly nature of their transportation, energy sources, lifestyle and local policies.

Boise scored 1st place in the “Greenness of Energy Sources” ranking which took into account the percentage of electricity the city acquires from renewable sources as well as its smart-energy initiatives and policies. In the “Environmental Quality” ranking, Boise placed 34th. This category looked at Boise’s median air quality index, the greenhouse emissions per capita rate, percentage of parkland and water quality. In WalletHub’s remaining “Greenness of Transportation” and “Green Lifestyle and Local Policies” rankings, Boise landed at 47th and 61st respectively. Read more at

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