Trulia Infographic: How Much Scare Would Keep Men vs. Women From Purchasing Their Dream Home?

With Halloween just around the corner, Trulia created an infographic depicting the results of their spooky survey to determine how much scare men and women would tolerate when it came to finding their dream home. Polling 2,005 adults in the United States, Trulia’s questions asked respondents what things would deter them from a sale, such as the home was a former crime scene; someone passed away on the property; or the address had the number ‘666’. They also inquired as to what supernatural creature men and women would be willing to live with in their home, such as a demon, possessed toy, or a rancorous spirit. View Trulia’s infographic to find out what ‘haunting’ scenarios each gender said they could live with, including who was most likely willing to live near a cemetery, at

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