Employee Spotlight – Tammy Long

Tammy Long, Escrow Assistant - Idaho Falls, ID

Tammy Long, Escrow Assistant – Idaho Falls, ID

Tammy Long is the Escrow Assistant for Escrow Officer, Milli Gabettas, in Alliance Title’s Idaho Falls, Idaho branch. Tammy has been with the company for 11 years! In addition to her Escrow Assistant duties, she has the privilege of accomplishing other administrative responsibilities and training her fellow team members.

What she enjoys most about her work is completing tasks. Tammy explained, “I totally enjoy the search for those odd details. I get teased that I am like a hound dog. Set me on a trail and watch me hunt it down.” Tammy also enjoys carrying out closings. Her favorite part is seeing the smiles on her customers’ faces knowing that she had a part in bringing about their smiles.

Integrity is Tammy’s favorite Alliance core value. She said, “If you are a true person, you will be sincere in your service to others and will want to do a good job while working with others, giving respect to others and acknowledge what they do for you and the job. Thus, you can be counted on and trusted by others.”

Outside of the office, Tammy loves spending time with the people she considers her family, whether they are blood relatives or family by love and faith. For 16 years, Tammy has been involved with the deaf community in her area and has been able to use American Sign Language to help interpret during closings. Her other interests include reading; crafts, such as beading and making lotions; traveling; and spending time with her two pups whom she refers to as her babies.

“Thank you” is one of Tammy’s favorite sayings. She said, “I believe those words cannot be said enough and no one will get tired of hearing them.” Her other favorite saying is: “Never do anything that you do not want to have to explain to the paramedic.” Tammy said, “Those are some true words to live by there.”

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