Employee Spotlight – Rachael Payne

Rachael Payne, Administrative Assistant - Idaho Falls, ID

Rachael Payne, Administrative Assistant – Idaho Falls, ID

Administrative Assistant, Rachael Payne, joined the Alliance Title team 2 years ago and is based out of the Idaho Falls, Idaho branch. Some of Rachael’s duties include greeting customers and setting up property profiles and new orders in Alliance’s production database. What she enjoys most about what she does, though, is talking with her customers.

It’s fitting then that Rachael said her favorite Alliance core value is service. She explained, “Everyone that comes in the door or calls in needs to feel like they have your full attention and they are the most important person at that moment. If they feel respected and are spoken to in an upbeat and friendly manner, they will continue to come back. In our business, repeat customers and word of mouth is huge.”

Rachael’s mother is the person she admires the most because she raised two kids by herself while working fulltime. Rachael said, “She is the strongest, most amazing person I know. She is my best friend, and I can only hope to be half the woman she is.”

Outside of the office, Rachael enjoys hiking, camping and boating with her husband and their four children.

Her favorite quote is by Benjamin Franklin: “Anger is never without reason, but seldom with a good one.” Rachael said, “I love this because it is so easy to get angry, but in the big picture, it rarely matters. I try to think, in a year will this really matter? If the answer is no, it’s not worth wasting my time being angry.”

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