Idaho’s Federally Insured Credit Unions Outperform National Growth Averages

According to the state-level data findings in the National Credit Union Administration’s (NCUA) Quarterly U.S. Map Review for the second quarter 2015, Idaho’s federally insured credit unions outpaced the national average in four performance indicators:  median loan growth in loans outstanding, median loan-to-share ratio, median asset growth, and median membership growth.

Nationally, median loan growth of loans outstanding increased by 4%. Idaho’s median loan growth in loans outstanding rose by 11.3% making it one of the top three states in the country. Idaho also had the highest median loan-to-share ratio (87%) compared to the national median ratio of 60%. The national median asset growth rate in the second quarter was 1.9% while Idaho had the highest median asset growth rate of 6.9%.

The NCAU’s report indicated that the greatest changes in membership growth occurred in larger credit unions. On a national level, the median membership growth rate declined by 0.3% with 52% of credit unions having “fewer members than a year earlier.” However, Idaho’s median membership growth rate increased by 2.7%, making it the second highest in the country. To read the full report, visit

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