Home Design Feature Preferences Vary From State to State

Have you ever wondered if people in other states want the same home features that are common in your area? Turns out, home design feature preferences can vary from state to state. Realtor.com’s data team researched 1.5 million active single-family home listing descriptions and whittled down their findings to a list of 200 distinctive features. The top 5 features were identified for each state with 1 feature representing the local preference.

In Idaho, 6% of the listings Realtor.com reviewed marketed RV parking. According to DataMasters and the US Census Bureau, “Idaho ranks as the second-highest state in RV ownership – 89.7 vehicles per 1,000 households – after Wyoming.” While RV parking was not the most frequent local feature touted in Wyoming, 8% of their listings were for ranch style homes. In Montana, 7% of the listings advertised vaulted ceilings and 15% of Washington listings showed a master suite. To see what features are most promoted in other states, visit http://bit.ly/1JmujbD.

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