Employee Spotlight – Milli Gabettas

Milli Gabettas, Escrow Officer - Idaho Falls, ID

Milli Gabettas, Escrow Officer – Idaho Falls, ID

Escrow Officer, Milli Gabettas, is located in Alliance Title’s Idaho Falls, Idaho branch, and she has been a part of the Alliance Title team for almost 13 years now! What she enjoys most about what she does is working closely with lender and Realtor clients. She always makes it a point to be professional and prepared for when customers come through their office doors.

All of Alliance Title’s core values (service, integrity, teamwork, trust & respect, accountability and profitability) are her favorite. Milli explained, “We are here for our customers, our shareholders and our associates.”

Milli’s husband is the person she admires the most. She said, “He is the most honest, generous, 2nd most humble person I know. He also puts up with me.”

Outside of the office, Milli has many interests. She enjoys cooking, traveling, camping, backpacking, and most outdoor activities. She also likes fishing, including salt water fishing!

There are two sayings Milli likes. The first is, “You can’t change the past, you can’t predict the future, you only have today.” Milli said, “There is no time to spend wishing your life away, so make the most of what you have every day.”

Her second favorite saying is, “Live simply so others may simply live.” The reason she likes this saying is because she feels there is too much waste in the world.

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