Employee Spotlight – Ryan Jensen

Ryan Jensen - Assistant Vice President & Assistant Manager, Idaho Falls, ID

Ryan Jensen – Assistant Vice President & Assistant Manager, Idaho Falls, ID

Ryan Jensen works out of Alliance Title’s Idaho Falls, Idaho office and has been with the company for 12 years! As the Assistant Vice President and Assistant Manager, Ryan is responsible for the efficient management of their branch operations and ensuring that established policies and procedures are followed.

In addition to his management role, Ryan is tasked with developing new and lasting customer relationships while concurrently maintaining and retaining their loyal customer base. Acting as a liaison, Ryan enjoys cultivating the trusted advisor relationship between Alliance and their customers and he firmly believes that “Yes, it matters where you close.”

Integrity is Ryan’s favorite Alliance core value. He expounded on his preference by quoting an excerpt from a book authored by Leon R. Harthorn:  “‘A man’s true greatness is not what he says he is, nor in what people say he is; [but really] in what he really is.’ Our integrity determines what we really are.”

Ryan’s parents are the people he admires most. When asked why, he stated, “I am a reflection of who and what they are. Throughout my life, my parents have instilled in me the guiding principles that can create success and happiness if I choose to apply them.”

Because Ryan’s family is his number one priority, he enjoys spending quality time with them when he is away from the office. His other interests including traveling, golfing, working in the yard, and coaching his children in their various sporting activities.

“Life is 10 percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it,” by Lou Holtz, is Ryan’s favorite quote.

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3 comments on “Employee Spotlight – Ryan Jensen

  1. Ryan we are very proud of you and very blessed to have you for our son-in-law. You are a very good role model.

  2. I agree that integrity is the basic core of character. I appreciate working with someone I can trust and know that I will be treated fairly and honestly. Thanks for being that guy!

    Tami Smith

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