Employee Spotlight – Kathlean Brown

Kathlean Brown - Title Officer, Rexburg, ID

Kathlean Brown – Title Officer, Rexburg, ID

Title Officer, Kathlean Brown, is located in Alliance Title’s Rexburg, Idaho branch and has been with the company for 13 years. As a Title Officer, Kathlean’s job functions entail searching real estate property records for sale or refinance transactions and preparing title insurance products. What she enjoys most about what she does is learning something new and facing new challenges that come up with her work. She said, “Everyday there is something slightly different, and it can really keep you on your toes.”

Integrity is Kathlean’s favorite Alliance Title core value. She explained, “When all else fails, and things do not always go as planned or as a person might hope for, the last resort that a person needs to stick to is integrity. Without that solid foundation, all of the other core values start to dwindle.”

Chris Powell, the host of the television program, “Extreme Weight Loss,” is the person Kathlean admires the most. Not only is Chris an excellent motivational coach and talented trainer, Kathlean appreciates that he is not afraid to share his own secrets and stumbles along the way.

Outside of the office, Kathlean enjoys spending time outside doing activities such as yard work, hiking, and swimming. Because she enjoys fitness activities, she likes learning and sharing ways to help other people make their lives happier and healthier every day. Kathlean plays the violin and bass guitar and currently plays for a band in Idaho Falls. She also loves to spend time with her daughter. She said, “I have a wonderful daughter who has grown into one of my besties, and we have a lot of fun together.”

“The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem” is Kathlean’s favorite quote. She said, “I love this quote because it is true for most things. Depending on how you choose to view a situation, it can be a road block, a setback, a challenge, an adventure, or so many different things. We don’t always get to choose the ideal situation, but we do get to choose how we let it affect us.”

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