Boise Named in Top 25 Best Places to Retire for Second Year in a Row

Looking to highlight the top cities that offer retirees a “good retirement value,” Forbes recently released their findings for ‘The Best Places to Retire’ in 2015. Forbes analyzed economic data, such as home prices, cost of living, and state tax conditions for retirees, for 500 cities across the US. Additionally, when compiling the list, Forbes took into account each city’s economic prosperity for retirees who may choose to work part-time; crime rates; mild or moderate climates; and attributes that enable active lifestyles.

For a second year in a row, Forbes has identified Boise, Idaho as one of the top 25 best cities for retirement. On the positive side, Boise was found to have a robust “state capital economy;” agreeable tax conditions; “low serious crime rate;” and, an average home price of $175,000. On the downside, however, Forbes indicated that Boise’s overall cost of living was 7% higher than the US average. Read more at

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