Employee Spotlight – Jeanne Fagg

Jeanne Fagg, Escrow Officer - Driggs, Idaho

Jeanne Fagg, Escrow Officer – Driggs, Idaho

Escrow Officer, Jeanne Fagg, is located in Alliance Title’s Driggs, Idaho branch. Before joining the Alliance Title team in 2013, Jeanne worked as an Escrow Officer in Utah since 1996. Jeanne describes her job responsibilities as entailing “anything and everything that may be needed.” She said, “We are a small branch so, besides the regular document preparations, closings, and disbursements, we all get to clean, shop, decorate, entertain, answer phones, etc.”

What Jeanne enjoys most about what she does is interacting with people. She explained, “I like people and being able to see them and know them in all stages and phases of life. I appreciate being able to assist them through what can be a terribly stressful and transitional time. Seeing that stress ease by something I have said or done is incredibly satisfying to me.”

Although she feels that all of Alliance’s core values are important, integrity is Jeanne’s favorite. She said, “Having integrity in what I do and how I treat others is very important to me. It makes it easier to focus on the details of my job if I am not wasting my time worrying about the small stuff.”

The person Jeanne admires the most is Ellen DeGeneres because she feels that Ellen beautifully balances being successful with being charitable. Jeanne elaborated, saying, “I admire her honest, kind, generous lifestyle. And also that she strives to make people laugh. Laughing is my favorite.”

Outside of the office, Jeanne enjoys spending time with her two teenage daughters who she describes as her “greatest passion.” Jeanne also enjoys cooking elaborate meals; entertaining her friends and family; and reading. She said, “I am pretty nerdy about my favorite authors and writers. I sincerely enjoy a good story in all formats.”

Jeanne has two favorite quotes:  “I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I’m saying.” by Oscar Wilde and “I think everybody should like everybody.” by Andy Warhol.

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