Idaho in Top 10 States for Inbound Moves in 2014

Since 1977, United Van Lines has tracked state-by-state household migration patterns annually in 48 states and Washington, D.C. Basing their research findings on the household moves their company facilitates, United identifies which states have the highest inbound moves and the highest outbound moves each year.

In their 2014 survey, United determined that Idaho ranked number 10 in the states with the most inbound moves. The states that ranked higher than Idaho, number 1 to number 9, were Oregon, South Carolina, North Carolina, Vermont, Florida, Nevada, Texas, District of Columbia, and Oklahoma.

Michael Stoll, chair of the University of California Department of Public Policy, economist and professor stated, “With economic stability growing nationally, the current migration patterns reflect longer-term trends of movement to the southern and western states, especially those where housing costs are relatively lower, climates are more temperate and job growth has been at or above the national average, among other factors.” Read more at

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