Employee Spotlight – Tina Dettloff

Tina Dettloff, Title Officer - Salmon, Idaho

Tina Dettloff, Title Officer – Salmon, Idaho

Tina Dettloff, Title Officer in Alliance Title’s Salmon, Idaho branch, has been with the company for 22 years! What she enjoys the most about what she does is learning about the various real estate properties’ historical backgrounds when searching title. For Tina, history has always been a great interest for her and searching through old records helps her to feel connected with the past. Tina also collects maps wherever she goes and she attributes her love of maps to her enjoyment of drawing out legal descriptions.

Senior Vice President and Area Manager, Daryl Olsen, is the person Tina admires the most. She explained, “He is honest and straightforward, combined with compassion and intelligence, which makes him a great teacher.”

Outside of work, Tina’s interests include gardening; playing on the Salmon River; cross-country skiing; sewing; taking art classes; reading; and spending time with her loved ones. Tina is also active in her community as a member of the Lemhi County Historical Society and Rotary International.

One of Tina’s favorite sayings is, “Life is a garden, dig it.”

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