Idaho Had the Highest Median Loan Growth in 3rd Quarter 2014

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) released the results of their state-level analysis of credit union loan growth for the 3rd quarter 2014 which ended on September 30th. According to the NCUA, the national median rate of loan growth at federally insured credit unions continued by rise by 3.5% compared to the 3rd quarter 2013. Idaho led the nation with the highest median loan growth rate of 9.5%.

Idaho also ranked highly in other measures analyzed by the NCUA. Nationally, “the median ratio of loans outstanding to total shares and deposits was 60 percent” in the 3rd quarter 2014. Idaho’s median loan-to-share ratio ranked the highest in the nation at 86%. The national median membership growth rate in the 3rd quarter 2014 declined 0.4%. The highest median membership growth rate was in Idaho at 2.7%. Read more at

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