Washington and Wyoming Rank in the Top 10 States with the Best Economies

While the overall US economy shows positive signs, Business Insider analyzed data to determine how economies are doing on a state level. In all 50 states, Business Insider examined economic measures, including “the July unemployment rate; the change in nonfarm payroll jobs from June to July 2014; the 2013 GDP per capita; the 2012 per capita consumption; the 2013 average annual wage; the 2013 exports per capita; and the 2012 government expenditures.” Each state was then ranked by how well their economies were performing.

Ranking in the top 10 states with the best economies were Washington and Wyoming. Washington ranked 5th place with a 5.6% unemployment rate, an average annual wage of $53,009 and 7,300 jobs were added in July. In 10th place was Wyoming with a 4.4% unemployment rate and an average annual wage of $44,977. Wyoming’s GDP per capita “was the third-highest in the nation at $67,858.”

To see how the other 48 states ranked, visit http://read.bi/1qiI82F.

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