Employee Spotlight – Laurie Santee

Laurie Santee - Escrow Officer & Closing Department Manager, Salmon, ID

Laurie Santee – Escrow Officer & Closing Department Manager, Salmon, ID

Laurie Santee is an Escrow Officer and Closing Department Manager for Alliance Title’s Salmon, Idaho branch and has been with American Land Title and Alliance Title & Escrow for 30 years. Laurie says, “Really, it does not seem like that long. My office is my home away from home. After working here at Alliance Title, I find it very exciting and interesting to still love my job. You can always learn something new in escrow. I enjoy coming to work even though the weekends are not long enough!”

What Laurie enjoys most about what she does is meeting people and discovering what brings them to live in Salmon. She says, “I find many families move to be closer to their children who live here. This reminds me how important family and friends are.”

Teamwork is Laurie’s favorite Alliance Title core value. She explains, “In our small office, you need a lot of teamwork if you are to make progress.”

Outside of the office, Laurie likes keeping busy gardening and working on her prize-winning dahlias and other flowers. She really enjoys participating in the county fair. She and her daughter make jams and jellies to enter at the fair as well as her flowers. She says, “We have a lot of fun looking for Morel mushrooms and huckleberries when in season.” Laurie’s other interests include fishing and spending time with her cats and dogs on the weekends. She also loves to travel, her favorite location being the Oregon coast.

Laurie’s favorite saying is, “May we always have something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”

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