Employee Spotlight – Ingrid Davis

Ingrid Davis - Title Officer, Boise, ID

Ingrid Davis – Title Officer, Boise, ID

Title Officer, Ingrid Davis, is located at Alliance Title’s Centralized Title Services department in Boise, Idaho. She has been with the company since August 2005 and has worked in the title industry since 1996. Her job responsibilities include proofing and distributing completed reports to the appropriate parties, handling title inquiries and requests from national customers, and reviewing quality control documents for accuracy and insurability. Ingrid is also responsible for the timely issuance of final policies.

When asked what she enjoys most about what she does, Ingrid says, “The possibility of learning something new every day and knowing that, among all my co-workers, we have the resources, experience and know-how to come up with different resolutions to unusual situations.

I also have the added benefit of dealing with customers from across the country and learning the different ways things are done in other states. It’s always a learning experience for both sides.”

Service is Ingrid’s favorite Alliance Title core value. She explains, “A person who takes pride in what they do will always go the extra mile to provide great service. Being in the service industry, we need to excel and always go above and beyond the customers’ expectations in order to stand out. It is what sets us apart from the competition.”

Outside of work, Ingrid loves to visit her family, go on vacation, and visit new places. She also enjoys going to the movies and reading a good book.

Mother Teresa is the person Ingrid admires the most because of her selflessness, generosity, and she lived her life to serve others. She once said, “Peace begins with a smile.” This statement is Ingrid’s favorite quote. Ingrid explains, “Smiles are so contagious – and they’re free! Everyone is capable of smiling. Imagine attaining world peace with such a simple gesture.”

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