Employee Spotlight – Manuela McVey

Manuela McVey - Title Officer, Rexburg, ID

Manuela McVey – Title Officer, Rexburg, ID

Manuela McVey is a Title Officer for Alliance Title’s East Idaho Production Unit in Rexburg, Idaho and has been with the company for 11 years. As a Title Officer, Manuela helps her customers avoid problems with their title and provides them with peace of mind regardless of the type of real estate transaction they are involved in. She explains, “My role as a Title Officer is to effectively communicate with each party involved in the transaction so I can understand their needs and expectations. This allows me to consistently apply my expertise and/or provide specific information that is beneficial to the specific transaction.”

Manuela loves the challenge of title work and compares it to piecing together a puzzle until the entire picture is complete. She says, “I love being able to please our customers and satisfy their needs, even in those ‘rush’ demands.”

Mother Teresa is the person Manuela admires the most. She says, “[Mother Teresa’s] compassion for the ‘unwanted, the unloved, the uncared for’ inspires me to be a kinder person to anyone I come in contact with.”

Outside of work, Manuela loves spending time with her family, including her ‘four-legged children.’ She also enjoys going for walks, camping and traveling to new places.

“You can be bitter or you can be better” is Manuela’s favorite saying. She says, “We are faced with difficulties during our lifetime. The question you have to ask yourself during these times is, ‘How am I going to react to these challenges?’ Are you going to be bitter or are you going to be better? Are you going to let this define who you are the rest of your life?”


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