RealtyTrac Report Shows 96% of US County Housing Markets Have Improved Since 2010

A recent analysis of data revealed that 96% of the housing markets in US counties had improved since 2010 when foreclosures were at their peak, according to RealtyTrac. To determine county housing market health, RealtyTrac examined unemployment rates, home price appreciation and affordability, and the percentage of bank-owned sales data in 410 counties. RealtyTrac’s “analysis also found that 80 percent of the county housing markets were better off than two years ago in 2012, when median home prices hit bottom, and 30 percent were better off than six years ago in 2008, at the front-end of the Great Recession.”

To read the full article, and to view RealtyTrac’s interactive heat map that includes several counties in Idaho, Montana and Washington, visit

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